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A 90’s Throwback

What’s old is new again!  When it comes to fashion we don’t necessarily just use trends from the past and then once they go out of fashion never use them again. They are always on the comeback somehow. In the…

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Two best friends at coachella
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Festival Chic

It’s the festival season. It’s all about Coachella (which I hope that you are not going to), Lollapalooza, and Bonnaroo.  I’m not huge into crowds, my agoraphobia makes that pretty much impossible for me to tolerate them. However, if you are…

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Rodeo Girls

Last month, down in here in San Antonio. We had our annual Rodeo. It’s when we get up our cowboy/cowgirl gear and get a little country.  My family and I always go to the carnival and never to the Rodeo. …

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Jaye Gipson-Trimble Founder of Curvatude
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Interview with Jaye Gipson-Trimble

Entrepreneur, Blogger, and fierce fashionista Jaye Gipson-Trimble Founder and Editor of plus size fashion  Chicago based blog ‘Curvatude’ is diffidently here to slay! With no apologies approach style, Jaye’s style is a constant inspiration to me. I was lucky enough…

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A sexy valentine's day outfit inspiration. #valentinesday #styleinspo #ootd #valentines #hearts #red
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A Heartfelt Holiday

Valentine’s day is here again. It’s not only my parent’s anniversary (their 21st if you are interested), but this is my first year in about a decade that I am not single. One of the best things to happen to…

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Work, Office, Cubicle Farm
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[Work] Color Pop in The Office

For those people who have to go into the office 9-5, it’s often a challenge to find an outfit that fits the dress code but doesn’t make you look like a sad office drone.  The thing about this outfit, it’s…

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