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March 2019

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My Top 10 Must Have Apps

I got a confession to make: I’m addicted to devices and technology. With technology allows me to overcome the isolation of my disabilities and be apart of the world. I have as the moment of writing this post 4 kindles,…

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St. Patrick's Day themed photo. A leoprucain hat, pot of gold, and a four leaf clover,
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St. Paddy’s Day

I would like to start this post by admitting that I’m not Irish. Actually, I’m Black, German, possibly some creole, and a whole lot other stuff mixed in. However, on St. Patrick’s Day everyone can be a little Irish. In…

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A plus size beach outfit inspiration. A plus size swimwear inspiration. Featuring items by Torrid, Walmart, Nordstroms, and more!
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Beach Ready

Since January, I have been hearing “we have to get beach ready” and I usually roll my eyes. Your body is beach ready no matter what size you are.  This is why I’m doing a cute plus size swimwear outfit…

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a barefoot woman holding a basket of yellow flowers in the middle of garden in spring.
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Flower Power

In my opinion, the best thing about Spring is the flowers. I love flowers and this is one of the reasons why I am launching a business that sells florals themed printable planners called Miss Bonny Blossom (stay tuned for…

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