5 Alternatives To A New Year's Resolution #NewYears #NewYearsResolutions #SelfHelp #Ideas

It’s 2019, and a new year has come.  And at the start of the year if you are a fat person it’s all about fatphobia through that entire month. People complaining about how fat they have gotten and how they look fat so they absolutely have to run to the gym to shed the pounds. And don’t get me started on all the fitness and diet companies who literally make they money by shaming you for enjoying the holidays and putting on a few pounds.

I’m here to say something harsh but you need to hear it: Fuck Your New’s Resolutions. Instead,  I’m going you some positive alternatives that will empower you and uplift you instead of tearing you down.

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1)  Celebrate Your Accomplishments

I already gave this advice in my previous post, but I have to say this is the time to really stop looking at all the goals you didn’t accomplish and actually take a time to celebrate all the things that you have achieved throughout the previous year.

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2) Challenge Your Self

Do you have goals that you want to accomplish? Or are in a creative or life rut? Why don’t you make a list of challenges that will push you outside your box? Personally, I am such a scaredy cat. I tend to be cautious and try to stay in the lines.  I have learned to succeed in life sometimes you got to risk something to succeed and a self-challenge is a great way to do that.

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3) A Time for Reflection

Take some time to yourself and really reflect on your life. What would you change or do differently? What are you still struggling with? I do my best thinking talking out loud to myself (yes, it makes me sound crazy) but just talking it out and putting it out there in the aether really solidifies my thoughts.

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4) Be Grateful!

When you are trying to climb the career ladder or if you so bogged down with the struggles of daily life it’s so simple to forget the good things in your life.  Again, I would suggest just sit down and take stock of what you have grateful for. I do this throughout the year, but there are lots of creative ways to always keep the good things in your life always front and centre.

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5) Give all year through

Christmas is the time for giving, but did you know that you don’t have to wait until Christmas to give to other people? When I say give, it’s not simply gifted.  Although, you can just simply give a gift just because to show your appreciation. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be simply doing a chore for a family member or offering to watch the kids for the night.  I would also say, more now than ever they are organizations that are struggling to help the less fortunate and the disadvantaged of the world such as minorities such as The Transgender Law Center, or RAICES who help migrants at the border.  You can set up monthly donations, and they don’t have to be a lot of money.

Not only donating your time or your money is a great way to help other people and to do good in the world, but it also feels good to actually do something that might change the world even in a small way.

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5 Alternatives To A New Year's Resolution

5 Alternatives To A New Year's Resolution #NewYears #NewYearsResolutions #SelfHelp #Ideas

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