Lately, I have been thinking about my own blogging journey. I personally love blogging, and even if I never made a dime from it I would still be blogging. Being a blogger is one of the few outlets I get to really express opinions, my style, my lifestyle, and beliefs in long form. Honestly, as much as I love social media, blogging and writing is something I can just quit, although sometimes I wish I did.

However, I sometimes get questions from you guys (my readers), my friends, and acquaintances when I tell them I’m a blogger. One of the most frequent questions is: do you have any advice for new bloggers?  I thought it this was a perfect time to reflect on my personal journey and what I have learned through the many ups and downs since I started blogging.

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1. Screw The Numbers!

It is so easy to get discouraged by the lacklustre numbers when you are a new blogger. You are probably constantly checking your Google Analytics data and getting depressed at your low numbers. The thing is the first year of blogging your numbers are going to be shit unless you are very, very lucky. For the rest of us poor schmucks, we will never get high traffic right out of the gate. Instead of traffic, concentrate on putting out good content and promoting your blog. If you are consistent with both, you will see your web traffic grow over time.

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2. Connect With Other Bloggers

The biggest thing that has helped my blog is my efforts to connect and meet other bloggers in my niche. When I mean connect is another word for networking. You can’t get anywhere career-wise without networking with other people in your field. Blogging is the very same, and the thing is nine times out of ten most bloggers want to connect with other bloggers as well. All you have to do is make an honest and sincere effort. However, you can not do this with the expectation of immediate reciprocity or that bloggers now owe you a reply, or a comment on your blog, or a relationship just because you reach out to them. You wouldn’t expect that in real life when you are a creating a relationship with someone, so why should expect that with another blogger? If you come to a new a blogger with honest sincerity that will always shine through.

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3. Promote More Than You Write.

I know your first instincts to just write, write, write. Yet, when you are a blogger that is only a small part of your job. Most of my work with this blog is not the actual writing. It’s the promoting! Five days a week, I am making a four to five-hour effort to promote my blog. This can be by scheduling new posts to repost on social media everyday at different times, posting on Instagram, boosting a post on Facebook, commenting on other blogs, collaborating with other bloggers, and doing linkups. Your biggest priority as a new blogger is to get your blog in front of many eyes as possible.

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4. Don’t Over Do It

When I first started this blog as ‘Dress Them Up’, I made the mistake of joining a lot of blog promotion Facebook groups. I regret that. Yes, those groups can help promote your blog, but there is a lot of infighting, people, folks not reciprocating in the threads, and if you have a 100 groups that are a lot of threads to keep up with. Honestly, those groups exhausted me so badly that I had to take a long hiatus just recover. The thing is you have to set your boundaries. When I mean by setting boundaries, you have to figure out how much blogging and promoting that you are willing to do every day and stick with it. Yet, you also have to learn how to not beat yourself up for not meeting every goal. The truth is that life happens and often gets in the way and sometimes you can’t do finish or meet all of those things you set for yourself. Also, learn when to take breaks. If you can’t take a consistent amount of days off, then block off days where you are not blogging so you can recharge.  This simple preemptive action will save you a lot of frustration over writer’s block and writer burnout.

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5. Keep Track of Your Accomplishments

Again, goals are important but I found what keeps me motivated is to once a week to look over what I accomplished that week. It keeps me motivated and keeps me from getting too short-sighted hung up on goals. I actually have a bullet journal and every week I write my accomplishments down and I go over them especially when I need a pick me up.

And that is my five tips for new bloggers! What tips do you have for bloggers? if you are a new blogger yourself what questions do you have about being a blogger? Let me know down in the comments!


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Are you a new blogger or you want to start your own blog? Here are five quick tips to help you get started and to keep you motivated! #bloggers #blogging #plussize #writing

Are you a new blogger or you want to start your own blog? Here are five quick tips to help you get started and to keep you motivated! #bloggers #blogging #plussize #writing

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6 thoughts on “5 Quick Tips For New Bloggers.

  1. Gigi you hit the nail on the head with all of these tips! I can relate to every one of them. I hate those Facebook groups with a passion (even though some of them are very beneficial). And to be honest, I really thought I was gonna be “successful” immediately after I started blogging. But, I hadn’t even defined what success meant because I had no clue about blogging. Even after two years, I still feel like a newbie. There’s so much that I still don’t know. So, I guess my advice to other newbies and oldies is to never stop learning. Spend time reading other blogs, study whatever your niche is, and definitely connect with other bloggers as much as possible.

    1. Thank so much for stopping by Daniesha! And yes, I totally agree. You should never stop learning because that is the only thing will keep you from getting stagnant.

  2. Ooh I needed to hear this. I just started blogging and sometimes it is nerve wrecking to have to do all this promotion for so little writing – especially when the numbers aren’t up. But keeping track of what you’re doing well is such a good way of staying motivated ! Thanks gigi ♡
    – Valentine

    1. Your welcome! I wish someone had taken me aside and told me all of this when I started out blogging. And yes, it’s frustrating that you have to constantly promote, but it will pay off in the end if you are consistent with it.

  3. Honestly, I’ve been blogging for years and at times I don’t even feel like I’m blogging the “right way”. This post will be helpful not just to newbies I think! I did try Facebook groups but ugh too much work. I’m very much an introvert in real life which does transfer to my blogging world so that’s something I’m constantly working at.
    Great useful tips, Gigi <3

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

    1. Thanks, Liyana! Honestly, I’m going to be real with you, there is no “right way” to blogging. Everyone has different styles and methods and they are all valid. And Yes, Facebook groups are the devil. I still promote via them, but I don’t do the promotion threads anymore.

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