6 Super Helpful Tips To Look Like A Queen In Your Evening Dress
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Note: This is a sponsored post.  However, all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

Tis the season to start dusting off that evening gown that has been languishing in the back of your closet.  You probably you got a few weddings to go to, a formal event for your job coming up, and if you are in still in High School prom is rapidly creeping upon you.  If you are a fat woman, it’s that much harder to find a beautiful dress that will make you look fabulous.

Luckily for you can buy a evening dress from PromShopAU that has super affordable evening dress no matter if you a size 4 or a size 26.  Yes, this online store that sells evening dresses Australia online.  Fortunately, they ship internationally and delivery usually takes 5 to 9 days.

Also, the quality and variety of dress are superb.  The first thing when I’m shopping, always look for size diversity and PromShopAU totally delivers and the quality of the dress is simply excellent.  As you look through their selection here are some tips to make you look your best in your new evening gown.

1 . Take Your Measurements

Before you choose that dress on PromShopAU, you should take a minute to pull out that tape measure and take your measurements. When you do shop online you should always have your measurements on hand to compare with the store’s size chart. You can find PromShopAU’s handy size chart here.

The reason you need your measurements is that you need to compare the measurements.  With shopping online, you will often find that sizes often run bigger or smaller than you normally find.  For some overseas stores, 5X means a size 20, not the usual 30. I can tell you from experience that the most frustrating thing to happen is to wait all that time for your clothes to arrive only to find they don’t fit!

2. Buy The Dress A Few Sizes Bigger Than Your Normal Size

This continues the theme of my number one tip.  I would always suggest you buy a size or two bigger than your normal size when shopping online. Especially, when it comes to something so valuable as an evening dress.

Not only that clothing items can come in way too small, you might have gained some extra weight between the time of your original purchase and the time you wear it.  Former brides will know the sure knuckle panic of realizing that you gained too much weight to fit your very expensive wedding gown.

However, as a body positive, fat positive person my advice to you is to avoid that panic altogether by buying a few sizes bigger than your usual size. If you gain weight, you can fit and if you don’t you can easily have it taken in by a seamstress.

3. Find A Seamstress

Speaking of seamstresses, with formal wear tailoring is an absolute must!  You might get away with just buying off the rack and instantly putting your brand spanking new clothing on.  Unfortunately, man or woman, there is nothing more sloppy than ill-fitting formal attire.

Lucky for you, a seamstress is usually super affordable and you can usually find one in your neighborhood if you check in places like Yelp or the white pages.

4.  Make Sure Your Dress Gets Dry Cleaned

I know that this sounds like a very basic piece of advice, but seriously get your dress dry-cleaned before wearing it!  First of all, not only is it hygienic, a good dry cleaner will press away any wrinkles that might be in your dress.  You don’t want to try ironing your precious evening gown.

And don’t even think about using dry cleaning bags! Do you really want to ball up your valuable evening gown into a dry cleaning bag and trust it will come out all right? No!  Take your dress to a professional dry cleaner that will know what they are doing, and it probably won’t be all that expensive either.

5. Buy The Right Underwear

Finding the right dress is super crucial to looking your best, but a lot of people seem to overlook how important wearing the right underwear is!  Underwear is the fundamental foundation to pulling off that streamlined silhouette. A good pair of underwear will tuck and push everything into place.

More than anything, make sure you have the right bra! I can’t stress this enough! The wrong bra with a dress can make or break your outfit! For example, you wouldn’t want to wear a strappy bra with a strapless dress! Talk about tacky!  Also, make sure your bra actually fits, I would suggest you get a professional bra fitting at a lingere shop.

I would also suggest investing in some decent shapewear.  Now, I don’t like wearing shapewear. I believe in owning your rolls, but sometimes that will mess up the silhouette you’re going for.   So please, take your underwear into account when choosing your dress.

6. Safely Store Your Dress.

So you followed my five other steps, you went out and slayed like the Queen you are in your evening dress.  So what do you do now?  First of all, I would suggest hanging up your dress in a garment bag.  Actually, I highly suggest that you put a garment bag over your dress everytime you are not wearing it.

You don’t want your dress to get dusty or to be eaten up by bugs.  The best way to preserve your dress is to put a garment bag over it. Then I would recommend the next day take it back to the drying cleaners to have it cleaned so it will be ready to wear for your next big event.

And those are my six tips to looking like a Queen in your evening dress. Do you have any helpful tips for looking your best for an evening dress? Let me know down in the comments!

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How to Look Like A Queen In Your Evening Dress

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