What’s old is new again!  When it comes to fashion we don’t necessarily just use trends from the past and then once they go out of fashion never use them again. They are always on the comeback somehow. In the last few years, both 80’s and 90’s fashion is making a return to the runway, so it’s time to pull your 90’s favorites out from the back of the closet or you can check this awesome 90’s throwback plus size outfit inspiration that is stylish no matter what decade you’re in.

A grunge 90's inspired plus size outfit inspiration. A 90's throwback outfit. #throwback #90sthrowback #ootd #plussize #outfit

The Look

Note: They are affiliate links below. If you click and buy from any of the links I will get a small commission. 

First off, let’s start off with the top with crop tops and baby tees. From Clueless to Friends, they were everywhere in the fashion sphere back then. They are still super cute and you wear these items in different ways other than in this outfit.  I choose this adorable black lace tank top from SHEIN, and then under it this simple white baby tee from Walmart.

To match, I once again went over to SHEIN with this fantastic yellow and black zip-up plaid skirt. Next, are these fishnet stockings that are a total throwback to the grunge movement of the ’90s.  I added these badass combat boots from FSJshoes. I really love the latches around the ankle and the hardware.

Then finally are the accessories that are both from Romwe.com.  First is this love choker set. It’s not exactly a 90’s thing but I really love the doubled up look here, also the love chain really gives the overall outfit a pop of color.  And finally, is this backpack purse. When I was going to high school in the late nineties I loved a good back purse and they were everywhere. It was really was everywhere and I actually owned a teddy bear backpack that I’m now ashamed to say I wore outside of my house.

And that’s my plus size 90’s throwback outfit.  What do you think? Love it or hate it? Let me know me down in the comments!