The more that I get into Fat Activism, the more I realize that my blog is primarily from my point of view. when it comes to any type of activism, I personally feel that it’s important to amplify other fat voices. Such as infinite fats, or fats bigger than a 5x or size 30. In an effort to amplify other fat voices, I have decided to start doing interviews again with some of my favorite fat influencers and activists.

First up is my favorite Fat Instagrammer, and Influencer Evie aka @findingevie. A lot of people know Evie from her fashion and makeup posts. However, what you probably miss her thoughtful and heartfelt discussion of body positivity, her own battles with both physical and mental health.

So sit down, and relax, as I have a conversation with Evie.

How are you doing today, Evie?

I’m ok!

Firstly, let’s talk a little a bit about you. You told me you earlier that you live on Long Island. Did you always live there?

Yes, I have lived here 8 years. I’m originally from Louisiana.

What do you do for a living?

I have a bachelors degree in Social Services/ Management. I used to be a secretary at local Church that I attended. During that time I worked a second job as a sales assistant at Plus size store Catherines.
Unfortunately, I hurt my back ( fractured my spine) and haven’t worked for the last three years.

Do you have any interests or hobbies outside of Fashion and Makeup?

First and most important in an aunt, that’s my biggest interest. If and when I have free time I paint, draw ( sorta). I love Home Decor and Design, so I spend a lot of time dreaming and designing. The new but not new hobby is writing, when I was young I wrote a lot but now Id like to write my story and I know that’s going to take a lot of work.

Evie @findingevie

You have a dog, right?

Belle is an 8 yr old Pomeranian. We purchased her from a pet store. If anything we have learned that we wished we had never put money into a store that has horrible policies. Investigate if you have your mind set on a pure breed.

I hear that you are married, do you feel comfortable telling me a little the bit about your spouse?

Yes, he is about to start his third year of Medical school. My husband choose’s to keep a very low key internet presence.

Married to a med student has to be exciting! Can I ask what is he going to specialize in?

(laughs) Exciting isn’t exactly the word for it. But Harris himself keeps things interesting, to say the least. He thinks he’s going to do Emergency medicine. He’s been an EMT and worked as a scribe in the ER so he knows a little about what he would be getting his self into.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about your style particular. How would you describe your own personal style?

With makeup and clothes, I have two very different styles. With makeup, the two sides are super glam or super simple.I definitely lean heavily on reds, pinks, and shimmer. With Fashion, I’m not even confident to say I have “style” I like to call one side glam grunge and the other side feminine and girly! With life such as home, and lifestyle I like clean, minimal, pretty.

For example, I love rock band t-shirts, leggings, jeans, yet I also love maxi dresses and tutu’s ( which has been my most desired item to buy and finally, I gifted my self-one.

I got the grey short tutu from Society Plus ( you may ask why Evie haven’t seen more of it). I have something in my mind I want to do with it- so its a look in the making.

Oh, awesome! I actually love your styles.

Thank you. My mother says I need to grow up- I told her I spent all my youth oppressed with old lady clothes its time I dress the way I like now that I have options.

I totally agree, dress the way you like! Speaking of your style, can you tell me a little bit about who influenced your current styles?

Sure! Honestly the people of New York- has been a huge influence. New York especial Manhattan is a kaleidoscope of styles, colors, religions, ethnicity and everyone is showing the world who they want to see. Being yourself, figuring out who you are and what you want others to see about you is freeing. That being said, the last 8 years YouTube has been something I also turned to. one of the people I follow, respect and admire is a Makeup Guru Kandee Johnson. Who id like to think I take her style as a baseline.

She is so positive and kind. She’s a great role model for women, single mothers and people who start with nothing.

I really need to look Kandee up, because she sounds awesome! Now, let’s talk about some of your favorite things. What is your favorite clothing brands?

Torrid, Society Plus, Igigi, Ellos, Romans, Women’s Within

Favorite makeup brands?

Too Faced, MAC, Huda Beauty, Maybelline, Essence, Wet-N-Wild, NYX. However, It’s important to know you don’t have to have the expensive makeup to look like a million. It doesn’t hurt to splurge every now and then on the brands you really love though.

What is your favorite trend this year?
I like that the middle length dresses are making a comeback.

Who is your favorite Influencer?
Gloria Shuri Henry, she is on YouTube @glowpinkstah I’ve been watching her since like 2009. I love to make people laugh and Gloria was/ is so good about that, it made her stand out. Her channel has changed over the years from skits to more vlogs about her marriage life and living abroad, and fashion but she remains someone I look up to, even though she is much younger than I am. Then There is Kandee Johnson who I’ve mentioned she’s a beauty guru on Youtube but she is such a positive person. Shes so inspiring how she came from nothing to being what she is today. I love everything about her. Her look, her style, her personality are what people should thrive to be.

Who is your fat celebrity?

Darlene Cates was the first women of a real size I can remember seeing. Mrs. Darlene being infinifat range amazed and gave me hope. For me, Mrs. Darlene stood out in my young mine because “she really acted” probably didn’t hurt she knew Johnny Depp. I would watch Whats Eating Gilbert Grape over and over as a teen in awe that here she was at that size not letting it stop her. Years later I’d have the privilege of speaking to her (first without knowing and then with knowing). Mrs. Darlene was beautiful kind women who at her size acting impressed me but her as a person impressed me more.

Favorite Instagrammer?
I have a few but three stands out… As far as someone doing something for the movement of fat acceptance and her recent “infinite Fashion February”. Ash from @Fatlippodcast Shes giving so many strength to fight for a right to exist and feel important as well. On a more personal level I have become friends with this next person and although were very different we are alike as well. The way she faces life and is so brave about her body positive and mental health post renews my faith in people. That person is Wendy @iheartyellowsubs. Then there is @Mustangsallytwo, Lisa is someone professionally I admire. Its funny when I first got on Instagram I kept getting compared to this “Lisa” and I didn’t know who she was. I looked her up and read so many of her post, looked at her pictures and was in awe. Then I facebooked friended her and found out just how sweet she is and I’ve had the pleasure to see her blogging and modeling career bloom. She’s such an inspiration as I understand this is all her side gig. She’s such an
inspiration and Lady Boss.