When Did You Create Your Instagram?
Oh man, let me look! April 9, 2013, but I had it just sitting there till about two yrs ago

What made you decide to create your Instagram account?
Going through some personal hardships I decided to create a platform to share my voice and speak my truth. It all started with self-help and the honest desire to at least reach one person and help them.

What is currently the main focus of your Instagram?
Honestly, it begins as something to help all the little fat girls out there has a voice because I didn’t. Now my main focus is forever girl and women out there to “be your own beautiful” where it is through self-discovery, love of makeup, fashion, understanding their depression or just knowing they aren’t alone they can see the beauty within them themselves!

What was your favorite look/post so far?
There is a picture that I have a Society Plus tutu on and a black bra. “it’s not showing much of the tutu- “ but the “blog” post I wrote for it meant a lot to me. Me posting in that I felt beautiful and have coveted a
tutu from society plus for so long. It was a combination of things really.