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What does body and/or fat positivity mean to you?
Honestly—- this is what I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk about – but finally put my thoughts together. Right now there is a big debate on what and who can be body positive and who can promote body positivity. I use both hashtags- and this is my point of view right or wrong.

I am body positive, this does not mean I always love everything about myself, but I always work toward feeling positive about it. And body positivity- which is a lot of the debate is about. I am all for Body Positivity- I don’t know that I think a thin person cant promote it.

Okay, why is that?
What I do know is for me, I don’t fit the common mold of beauty and the idea of positive body thoughts. I also stand behind and for other bodies that do not fit the norm. So you ask why I don’t know if I support the idea a thin person cant promote body positivity.

Because we’re saying if we say that – that we have the power to limit what a person can feel, say, or do. Just like the thin people are trying to tell us we cant be body positive and support body positivity because we’re fat. Does that make sense? I support a lot of people that fill different from me and that’s ok. You will still see me using the hashtags and supporting the people I admire.

Did you always believe in the body and/or fat positivity? And if not, when?

No, not always! I grew up being told that I was beautiful but I needed to lose weight I grew up hearing that I could be a model If … so I didn’t have a very good positive outlook on my body fact a lot of times I hated my body I hated being unhealthy I hated being fat. I wanted to be thin and beautiful two words I hate to put together now. I can’t say that it was just one thing that led me to being body positive because it was a series of events and people that begin to leave me to see that no matter if I was 700 pounds or 300 pounds are 200 pounds I was still worth loving I was still worth knowing and there was beauty and being a certain size cannot take that away from me.

I do have a small one moment I can pinpoint when I was about 17 I went to a funeral at a location where my mother grew up I’ve never met these people. One lady had a grandson and he was handicap he had limbs that did not form.

he was about 5or6 the cutest little boy and so sweet. I was standing there and he’s kept whispering to his grandmother so when he got set down on the seat she says the little boy’s name wants me to tell you, you’re the prettiest girl he’s ever seen! That he hopes he can have a girlfriend like you. I don’t know exactly why that moment was so profound for me but tears come into my eyes and a squatted down in front of him wrapped my arms around him and told him he had made my day! I gave him a kiss and got up; I’ll never forget that.

Evie @findingevie

What things do you think the body and/or fat positivity movement has improved since you joined the movement?

Hands down the visibility of women over a size 12. For way too long we were taught it’s not ok to be fat then that moves to its ok to be fat just not “to fat!” I’ve always been more the “to fat” category. The fact companies are slowly introducing women size 28 and over is an amazing accomplishment. Torrid recently put out a casting call for there size 6. This is earth shattering wonderful.

What things do you think we should improve on as a community going forward?

Just not being size exclusive not just with fashion but with every aspect of life. And as with our “group” stop knocking down others in the community when you don’t see eye to eye. If they are in your community find a way to not tear them down.

What do you think that the family of fat people can do better to support the fats in their lives?

With family, you’re never going to have a perfect situation in less you’re extremely lucky. Example my mom loves me very much and she thinks I’m beautiful but she says things to me that trigger feelings of frustration such as “oh when I get rich I’ll give you the money to have surgery to fix your legs or to fix your Arms” and I told her Time and time again that I don’t need fixing that I’m just fine the way I am and my body will change over time anyway and I’m OK with the way I look! In this type of situation, I think the family that has a fat member in their family could just be more aware of what they’re saying, think before they speak an just don’t always assume that the fat person in your life wants to be different

Do you think that fat allies such as a spouse or a friend who are in the room when people say fatphobic should be obligated to stand up and speak out?

Well, my husband and I have debated this a lot. I prefer to access the situation ( is it worth saying something about, has it hurt me, will it hurt me to continue speaking about it) my husband is more speak now think later. However, over time has learned to read me. I don’t think they should feel obligated I think they should naturally want to do what best for you in that situation.

You are have been very open about your own struggles with both mental and physical health. What gave you the courage to be so open about that?

Growing up in a small town where everyone knows your business so you live a life so secret you sometimes wonder what the truth is. I hated it. I had a moment in my life when my Grandfather was still alive that we had “a coming to Jesus meeting” basically I aired all my secrets. He was the one person I was always trying to protect once-he knew it all, I vowed to never keep it in. No one could ever hurt me as bad as if my grandpa had stopped loving me. I’m honest about my physical and mental health to help others. Especially those that cant advocate for themselves.

That is really brave of you.

I don’t feel brave at all it scary but if it helps just one person then its
so worth it.

And finally, a lot of Instagrammers are having a hard time with the new algorithm (me included) and are moving to get their own platforms such as a website, a blog, or vblog. Are you considering the same?

I like Instagram and I try and flow with the changes. Its how you grow and change! Anyway, I’m in the process of starting a youtube channel same name @findingevie. For me blogging, I just can’t do. I’m not disciplined enough. Plus I like the visual aspect of Vlogging, although that’s so scary to put your face out where ever one in the world can put you down if they choose.

Unfortunately, my ongoing sickness has put me back the last three weeks. I’m going to have to start out low key but I hope to grow!

And that’s it! Thank you so much for sitting down with me, Evie!
Aww, thank you! You’re super sweet!

And that is my interview with Instagrammer and body positive influencer @FindingEvie. You can also find her on Twitter, and I will make sure to alert you when Evie’s creates her youtube channel. Now, it’s your turn! What did you guys think of the interview? Do you agree or disagree with Evie? Let me know down in the comments!

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