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There is nothing scarier for a woman than the word “Fat”.  The word fat is fighting words, and it’s always thrown at women like a gauntlet.  I know I’m not the only woman who had the words: “Fat bitch” thrown at them in a heated argument.  Fat has some ugly connotations, for a lot of people fat means ugly and unattractive.  If you are fat, surely you never going to get laid and you are destined to grow into a fat old cat lady with zero prospects for a spouse. It’s 2018, and that toxic stereotypical myth is simply untrue.  So I’m here to break down to give my take on the word “Fat” and why we should embrace it.

Why Fiercely Fat?

Fat Bitch T-Shirt by Fat Girl Flow

Fat Bitch T-Shirt by Fat Girl Flow

The word Fat, and by proxy Fatphobia is wrapped into a web of misogyny and sexism and the fear of the other.  However,  Fat is not a bad word. Just like the word “Skinny” or”Thin”, Fat is a just word.  I feel, if you confront the word and it reclaims it, it loses power over you.  This is why I decided to brazenly rename this blog to “Fiercely Fat”.

I know for a lot of people (much like some people in the LGBTQ+ spectrum have problems with the word “Queer”) have traumatic experiences with the word fat and as a result rather not be associated with that word. And that is perfectly fine, everyone has the right to choose their own labels.

With me, I’m different. If you don’t know me, I’m a pretty straightforward person. I don’t like beating around the bush.  And I’m not curvy, I’m not just plus sized—I’m just simply fat.  Fat does not mean all the horrible connations with it, to me it’s just a body type and nothing more.  All women are gorgeous to me skinny, fat, curvy, average, whatever!

So I decided to own my body type and to help other people learn that “Fat” is not a bad word.  This is why I named my blog “Fiercely Fat” because this blog is about teaching fat women how to be Fierce no matter what number it says on their scale.



Concern Trolls Please Exit Stage Right!

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Oh, you probably heard it: “Being fat is unhealthy and you are going to die from a disease.” Yes, I just rolled my eyes, because even after is scientific study after scientific study has come out to say that Fat health is not that cut and dry. The BMI is an antiquated way of determining ObesityDiet does not always work,  and there are dozens of ways other than just overeating that leads to being Fat, such as a reaction an effect from a prescribed medication, healthy food availability, an underactive thyroid problem, or you might be genetically disposed of that way.

Fat does not equate laziness, it sometimes can be part of a bigger physical or mental disability.  Beyond, disabilities there are loads of fat athletes, fat dancers, fat vegans, and fat vegetarians.  We are not a monolithic bunch of people and we all have our problems just like straight sized people.

Honestly, I can go on and on, but this post by Everyday Feminism basically broke down these myths effortlessly.  So, if you are here to demean Fat bodies, or to concern troll then you can exit stage right.  This is a fat positive zone and your trolling is not needed here.

My Journey To Fat Acceptance

A Skinner Gigi

I was 20 in this, and I wish I knew what I knew now.

*gasp* I was a very skinny kid all the way up to my junior year. I got charming nicknames such as “Skinny Minnie” and “Bones” as a kid.It all changed in my junior year, right before Junior prom when my metabolism slowed down and I started to pick up weight.  I, of course, panicked, because I just bought this fabulous gunmetal dress and I wouldn’t fit it.  So I did whatever one said, I stopped eating so much, started walking five days a week, and drunk all the water.  And I to my delight, I dropped all that extra weight.

I did the same thing all senior year, and I had people compliment on my weight loss and I felt empowered.

I managed to keep my weight at the norm until 2004 after I was fired from my first long-term job. Afterwards, I developed depression and anxiety, the anxiety that grew into full-blown agoraphobia (which I still struggle with to this day).  And just like a lot of people, I began to eat my feelings, and of course, I gained weight. It didn’t help that I had suddenly become a parent to a baby.

I gained more and more weight and I fell deeper into depression.  Then one day, I stumbled on Teresa Holliday (nee Munster) and Kerosene Deluxe.  They were the first plus-size models I ever saw.  There were no fat people in the mainstream media back then, and my mind was blown.  And even though, I have my problems with Teresa Holliday,  I still thank her for opening my mind to the world of body positivity.

You can be pretty and fat.  Hell, you could be a model and fat.   It was like the doors of self-hatred was blown right off its hinges.  I mean at this point, I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror.  Gradually over the years,  I discovered other fashion size influencers such as Kelly Augustine, Kristine from Trendy CurvyMarie Denee (The Curvy Fashionista) and Gabi Fresh. However, it wasn’t until I decided to buckle down and take my own fashion blog seriously that I thought about getting in front of the camera at the encouragement of my blogging friends Trina, Shelbee, and Martina that made me see that I wasn’t ugly at all.

It made me embrace the beauty of the color of my skin, the shape of my body, and the power of my words. Six months later, I have embraced my fatness and I’m dedicated to helping others do the same.

Redefining Fat

Fat is beautiful, and it shouldn’t be such a radical thing to say.  Yet, the mainstream media tells us otherwise.  We have my 600 life, Honey Boo-Boo, The Biggest Loser, and every celeb rag telling us that fat is disgusting.  I vehemently disagree, you shouldn’t have to lose weight to love yourself.  Join the revolution and learn how to love your body.

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