[Featured Article] The Top 10 Cheap and Fashionable Christmas Gifts For Under $50

Christmas time is the ultimate time to do all the shopping and almost no one is immune. If you have a fashionista in the family, the pressure to find the perfect gift is just that much harder, especially if you are on a tight budget. Don’t fret, because I have ten cheap Christmas gifts that will surely you can buy without breaking your wallet!

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I know that watches can be seen as an ‘old people’ type of accessory, especially in the day and age of cell phones. However, I still love the look of a watch with a smart ensemble. It just adds a touch of elegance and class to every outfit! Also, with the emergence of Apple electronic watches, you can still have a technological savoy alternative to the classic watch.  And the thing about Apple watches is that you can switch out wristbands to match your outfit. I put together five picks of my favorite purses under $50.

My favorite is a Rhinestoned Quartz Wrist Watch Silver from my new favorite online shop Zaful! This pretty thing is only $9, which is totally a steal and you should diffidently dash over there and buy it before it sells out.

Image by
slgckgc on Flickr.


You can never go wrong with a good handbag. I created a nice group of handbags under $5o on Polyvore, which you can find right here. My favorite handbag is JustFab tote handbag which I totally have my eye on to add to my very own collection of handbags. I love the faux crocodile skin and the color is perfect for this season.


3.  Magazine Subscription

Magazine subscriptions, especially Fashion magazines subscriptions can certainly add up.  And if you are a fashionista, the best way to keep up with fashion news and trends is through fashion magazines. I love the classics, so I’m all about Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. And to save money on buying monthly editions I use the Texture subscription service from Amazon in which you can get online access to 200+ magazines for $9 a month.

However, if you are old school and prefer the printed versions. They are two ways you can do this for cheap.  One is through a bundle magazine subscription service like Magazineland or through a Netflix type of service for magazines such as Magzter or Next Issue.  No matter what you choose, this is diffidently a cheap and easy gift that the fashionista in your life is sure to love!

4. Makeup Kits

Makeup is freaking expensive, especially when it comes to quality makeup. You can save big if you buy a makeup kit. If used right, a makeup kit can last you for years.  My mom got a makeup kit a few years ago that she still uses to this very day. My favorite makes up kits are this one from BR All In One Makeup Kit, NYX Professional Makeup kit, 15 Colors Concealer Palette Kit + Brush Sponge Face Makeup kit, and Love Makeup 72 Pc Collection.


5. Robes

I love robes,  especially on a cold day when you have to dash from your bathroom to your bedroom.  However, if you want to feel sexy there is a variety of thin sexy robes. I personally have a huge red velour bathrobe that I got as a Christmas present a few years back, and it’s one of the best gifts I have ever received! I love it and I wear it all the time now that the weather has finally gotten colder down here in San Antonio.

I put together a group of six robes under $50. My favorite robe is this gorgeous robe from Peacocks.uk which is sadly only available in the U.K. I’m really sad about it. However, it’s £20.00 so if you in the area you better jump on it.

Cocktail Dress

6. Evening Dresses

The holiday season is the perfect time to pull out a fabulous dress and get glammed up for that office Christmas party or a night on the town for New Year’s Eve.   I already put together A great gift would be a fabulous dress for the fashionista in your life.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either.  To help, I created this great list of six dresses under $50.

If you don’t know what to pick out, then consider giving a gift card so they can pick it out themselves. Also, make sure to ask if they already have a wishlist or a gift registry.

7. Perfume

Everyone loves to smell good, and women more so than most people.  A good bottle of perfume can last forever. My mother has had Chanel #5 for like a decade at this point.   One of my favorite perfumes under $50 are Clinique’s  Happy. I really love the smell, and it really makes me feel pretty when I put it on.  Also, if the traditional perfume is not your thing then you should try this body spray from Bath and Body Works.

8. Bath Kits

In these turbulent times *cough*  Trump *cough*, self-care is essential to keeping your sanity. To me, nothing is more relaxing after a long day is a hot soothing bath.  I am a huge fan of using bath scented oils and lotions. I found this pretty bath kit wicker kit for $24. My other favorite pick is this Raw Sugar Gift Collection which is only $9.



9. Day Planner

Forget the days of days planners that are basically just a notebook with paper. A modern-day planner can come in various different colors and patterns. Someday planners have places to put your phone in or they even have a wallet sections. This is a perfect for someone who loves to be organized or needs help to get organized.  My picks are this very cute one from Brit + Co. I really love this one this patent black leather day planner that I’m totally coveting it right now.

image by spykster on Flickr

10. Books

You guys know that I’m an unapologetic bookworm. I want to read all the books! Yet, books can sometimes add up, if you not checking them out from the library.  There are tones of fashion books. I’m currently reading this book ‘Blogging Your Way To The Front Row’ by Yuli Ziv and ‘The Pocket Stylist’ by Kendall Farr.

If you’re a fashionista is into eBooks, then think about signing up for services such as Kindle Unlimited where you can read thousands of books for only $9 a month. Not only, pretty inexpensive, but it’s a great way to support indie authors, which is diffidently a cause I personally believe in.  If physical books are more your fashionista’s thing, then I would totally suggest checking out my favorite online bookstore Thriftbooks.com.  You can really get bang for your buck on that site and I used them all the time.

And that is my top 10 cheap and fashionable Christmas gifts for under $50.  Do you have any cheap gift ideas? Let me know down in the comments!

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The Top 10 Cheap and Fashionable Gifts For Under $50

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