[Guest Post ] Color and Clothing: Tips for Curvy Ladies

Color and Clothing: Tips for Curvy Ladies

A Note From Gigi: This is a guest post by fellow Texan plus size fashion blogger, Katherine Johnson.  I want to thank her for giving me an excellent post on dressing if you are a curvy lady.

What to wear if you’re not slim? Is it possible to get fashionable with a plus size? Of course YES! Having a bigger size is not a genuine excuse for not looking nice because – “Style Has No Size”. It may be sometimes difficult from size 42 or plus, but certainly not impossible. You just have to be more creative to dress nicely. How? We will tell you that! There are many different tips and hacks to emphasize your curves and to look totally hip being just little more creative.

Color and Clothing: Tips for Curvy Ladies


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You can wear what you want, but with these few simple tricks you’ll fool people and look slimmer than you are. Read How?

Find Your Store:

Elvi, B&LU and Universal Standard are known fashion brands due to their latest, seasonal and colorful collection of bigger sizes. But these are not the only shops that you can go to with a size that goes above 42. You can shop calibre apparels everywhere – whatever you think works for you. But you have to pay attention to the shape and size. Garment size at different stores may vary. Some garments with size M are really an M, but sometimes also an XL. Look at the item itself and not so much at the size. In case of any doubt, you can shop from calibre apparel. Here you can easily check the size chart of each product so you can easily measure your size before placing your order.

Plan Your Cart

Spending hundreds of dollars buying new apparels for your wardrobe could not be a good idea. Choose your apparels wisely because a less hip item in your wardrobe might be fun in combination with something from another store. Sometimes, oversized jackets on a blouse can be a best fit for size 44 or 46.


Choosing large accessories is a trap for many curvy girls. You often see those bulky accessories in plus size stores but that looks just overloaded. Although, many curvy ladies think that a large piece of jewelry distracts attention from those surplus fat rolls, but that is absolutely not true. Be creative and wear thin. A long thin chain over a shiny leather jacket looks very nice.

Watch out for the fit

A larger frame often means rounder shapes. Larger frames typically feel comfortable in straight lines and tight clothing. Not impossible, but it is more difficult. Too wide clothing is never preferred, but tight and short clothes are also not recommended. Choosing the right layers and lengths works wonder. For example, many curvy ladies opt for short layers at the outside, like a denim jacket. Wrong! Too short or square jacket make fuller again. It’s always better to cover your body with a longer layer on the outside. A fitted long jacket, cardigan or a blazer is perfect for you. It creates an hourglass effect and accentuates the curve.

Colors & Prints

In terms of color, it is all a lot easier. Wear color and prints – diamonds, floral and stripes you are crazy about. You have to be creative and keep playing with different colors and prints. But remember, it’s better to wear a good silhouette in white than a wrong one in black, because silhouette of the black may crack the outfit.

Rules of Plus-Size Dressing

Although you can look as hip in a size 44 as in a size 32, but still there are a number of things that you would not be able to wear. For example: you often see that big print in plus size stores. But that makes you look more broadly optically. It breaks and makes your legs look shorter and you seem fatter. Watch out with interruptions and the o, so popular maxi skirt is often not a good choice. A maxi skirt runs from the hips straight down, making you equally wide everywhere.

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Color and Clothing: Tips for Curvy Ladies

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    As for the post, I love how you incorporated a short list of various ways curvy women can accentuate their bodies and personalities through fashion; you’ve given some great insight and helpful tips (some that I will use myself!) and you made it short and sweet – something easy to read and easy to implement into anyone’s routine. Love, love, love the photo you used, too. So amazing. So chic!
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