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A Note from Gigi: You guys know that I’m all about the accessories! I especially love jewelry and what it can bring to any outfit both casual and formal.  Today, I was lucky enough to get Freida Tunec to sit down with you today to talk about how body jewelry can change your personality for the better.  

In Today’s modern world, becoming a style statement is every individual’s desire. Consistently style patterns changes every year with heaps of developments and mesmerize the fashion lovers with its new designs. Body jewelry is in huge demand these days. It’s not the gold or precious stone gems that you wear on special occasions. Particularly women love to wear body jewelry and are constantly eager to remain ahead with striking style patterns. They generally need to look alluring to captivate their men. If you are one of those fashion admirers then you must aware about the best places to buy body jewelry online and should also know how styling your body jewelry can change your Personality.

Have a look at the below body jewelry styles that would definitely change your way of wearing jewelry.


In spite of all the body jewelry trends, ear piercing jewelry trend always remain at the top. It is so popular among ladies, men as well as college students. You will find approximately 13 distinct varieties of ear piercings jewelry online and in some cases you will discover a few sub sorts of each variety. The most inclining ear piercings styles are ear cartilage piercings, helix piercings, daith piercings, tragus piercings, rook piercings and more. These are only the most recent patterns, yet you can go for any of ear piercing style and make your own style statement your way.


Over 30% of people over the globe love to have their belly button pierced with eye-catching navel piercing jewelry. The massive popularity of this pattern is just beside ear piercing trend. Ladies, who desire to flaunt her chic and hot curves and want to grab all the attention her men with sexy appeal, head over belly button piercing jewelry online. There are such a large number of choices accessible for it like captive, dangle, circular and more


Nose piercings jewelry is also in huge demand just like ear piercing jewelry. There are different sorts of trends in nose rings popular since so many ears, yet septum and nostril piercings are the most loved style. Fake Septum Rings, Captives & Circulars, Hostages and Circulars, Nose Hoops, Septum Clickers, Surgical Steel and Nose Hoops are the absolute most renowned pattern of nostril piercing adornments that will surely mesmerize your personalized beauty with new charm.


Exceptional eyebrow rings also stand tall amongst other body piercing jewelry. It will enhance the beauty of your glamorous eyes more. Include a glittery touch and sparkle to your regular look with the dazzling eyebrow piercing adornments. Pick your most loved one from the plenty of determination accessible online like captive rings and circular rings, curved barbells and these are completely give a mesmerizing look to your personality.

If you also thinking to make your style statement but not sure about the best places to buy body jewelry online, then do thorough research and buy piercing jewelry from safe & recognized places that won’t cause any harm to your body.

Author bio: Freida is a creative writer and a fashion enthusiast. she encourages her readers to get their best style and fashion statements by sharing personal tips. she gives the scoop on fashion and jewelry trends.

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