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Summer is waining, and it’s that time again to go back to school. And if you were going to college or if you are parent about to send their kids off to college then the struggle to send them off well prepared without going broke at the same time is very real. So, of course, I’m always ready to make it easier and cheaper to go back to school.


stack of textbooks

Buying your textbooks is one of the most expensive items that any college student has to buy. It’s a constant source of strife for any student. However, few things making buying textbooks a lot less expensive. First, of all, I would suggest that you buy used. I know that for a lot of us our instincts is to buy everything new. However, not only purchasing used is environmental friendly it’s way less expensive. Now, you can buy them used on Amazon by clicking on the new or used section under the book’s main listing. However, I prefer to use Thriftbooks for my textbooks! I’m currently learning a trade by myself, so I found used books at the very least %75 off the retail price  Also, if you are not a new student a great way to get some of your money back on your textbooks is to sell them or trade them at your local book store.

I would suggest when buying textbooks that you don’t go for the most recent version. If it’s not all that critical to the subject, you will be taking, considering buying a later edition.

School and office supplies

School Supplies

I particularly love this time of year because I’m an office supply junkie. I’m always cruising the back to school sales for myself and my kids. Right now, I cruise places like Walmart and Target for the best spots. I can’t recommend hard enough especially when it comes to office supplies and hell even stuff for your dorm to go to the dollar store like Dollar Tree. However, if you are like me and don’t want to leave the house, I suggest Hollar.com. I bought $50 worth of school supplies for about $15.

student on their laptop


I am typing this on a laptop; I know it’s a shocker. However, in this modern day, you can’t do college without having access to computer and internet. And not everyone can afford to put down $500 for a brand new top of the line laptop. As I said earlier with textbooks, your best bet is to go used or even refurbished electronics. eBay is your best bet for refurbished electronics. Now, there is a con to this, but the guarantee is either short or non-existent.  I would also suggest Craigslist or Let It Go, or even Facebook Marketplace as well as possible avenues to buy used or refurbished electronics.

Young woman lying on bed using laptop computer, in student dormitory

Dorm Ready

College students often have to not only buy school supplies but prepare to live on their own for the first time. And living on your own is not cheap, in anyway possible. The biggest thing is usually the duvet or the bedding. For that, I once again go to places like Walmart or Target, but check out your local linens store such Anna’s Linens. You can find duvets for super cheap. Online, I would suggest Amazon, Blair’s, Overstock, and eBay. I’m serious about eBay for super cheap items. Now, if you want something a little more niche and expensive I would suggest going to Etsy. It’s a great way to support creators who handmake stuff and to find something unique to express yourself. Now for the details, again, I’m going to point you to the dollar store.


woman is filling up her car's gas tank



If you are driving, gas money is always a constant thought in the back of your brain. Especially, if you are on a budget, I got a couple of suggestions for you. 1) Buy a fuel-efficient car. Yes, that gas guzzler is pretty cheap when you first see it. However, remember when buying a car that it’s an investment for a long term. 2) Buy your gas very early or late in the day. 3) Use the GasBuddy app. It aggravates all the gas prices in your area and gives the best gas station with the best amount, which takes the guesswork on finding cheap places to fill up. 4) I know this is a no-brainer, but it bears saying: Don’t fill in your tank via driving session by driving session. The best way to save money is to fill the tank entirely up. It will diffidently save a pretty penny and when you are in college pennies count.

students taking the bus

Mass Transporation

Now, if you don’t or can’t drive you probably use mass transportation such as buses, the subway, or trains to get where you need to go. Now, the best way to save is to BUY MONTHLY PASSES! I don’t know if this applies everywhere, but I know my local transit system has student discounts. All you need to do is show your student ID card. Go on your local transit website and check out if there any discounts you can take part in. It depends on where you are going to college but look into the possibility of your transit system having an app. I can download the app, buy my monthly or daily passes, and use the app on the actual bus.

And these are my handy advice on how to prepare for college without growing broke. Do you have any other suggestions you would like to add? Let me know down in the comments!


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How To Prepare For College Without Breaking Your Budget

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