How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Spring to Winter

Fat Woman Celebrating Spring

The early days are spring are always chaotic, for certain places in the world, the weather often swings like a pendulum from hot to cold.  However, places like New York City and Chicago are still held in the frigid grip of a winter.  No matter what your weather is like right now, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning into spring.

To make it easier, I compiled a list of suggestions that will make it a whole lot easier to show off those fly Springtime plus size fashion without all the frustrations of trying to straddle the line between seasons

Warning: Below are pictures of women in straight-sizes because I got the photos from commercial-free creative commons stock providers such as PXHere, Pexels, and Wikipedia.


It’s a fallacy that you have to stop layering during spring. However, if your local weather is still transitioning from winter, layering is still your best friend.  Add a Cardigan or a long-sleeved shirt for those cool mornings.  Then later you can it take it off and then take it off to reveal a sleeveless number that will definitely help you beat the heat.

a woman in tights and open toe shoes


Tights FTW!

I know winter was about those close-toed shoes, but I bet you are aching to break out those cute sandals you probably bought during the offseason.  Don’t worry; you can wear them right now! All you need is a good pair of tights.  All winter, I have been seeing favorite fashion bloggers winterize their sandals by adding a pair of tights!  And if the weather gets too hot for them, all you have to do is taken them off in the bathroom and store them in your purse!


Capris, Board Shorts, & Culottes.

You guys would be super surprised to know that I don’t wear a lot of shorts. Actually, I own about three shorts and none of them I would be comfortable wearing them for a photo shoot.  No, my summer go-to items are capris. I have them in every color and variable and I don’t even care!  Another fun alternative, are board shorts. They are best of both worlds when it comes to capris. They are fun enough for shorts, but mature enough not to scandalize the neighbors in. Boardshorts are defiantly on my ever increasing to-buy list.

And the last thing I want to mention is Culottes. For some reason, culottes are often a controversial style, but I think with the right top and accessories culottes can be a super fun and stylish alternatives to both Capris and board shorts.

kimono over a crop top

Crop Tops

The best thing about the body positivity movement Is that fat girls are telling conventional wisdom about what they are allowed to wear to go eff itself and I’m here for it!  My favorite fat positivity blogger Stephanie Yeboah aka “Nerd About Town” is always killing it in her crop tops.  Crop tops are a great way to get your Spring on, without freezing to death. Lucky for all of us, crop tops come in different colors and fabrics, and can easily help you transition into warmer temperatures.

moto leather jacket over silk shirt


I know this is a no-brainer, but seriously jackets (especially cardigans) are godsend around the first few months of spring.  I would actually advise you to take out those kimonos you put away during the winter.  Just make sure to layer depending on how cold the temperature is. I would also suggest thin blazers and maybe even a blue jean jacket.


Micheal kors booties

Open Toe Booties

I recommend booties all the time, but OMG GET YE SOME BOOTIES YA’LL! You can use them all year long with or without tights.  Also if you have a super cute outfit, booties can totes spice up your wardrobe.  My favorite person who wears booties all year long is my boy Troy Solomon aka “A Bear Name Troy”.  He just wears them with his own personal flair and doesn’t give a crap about gendered fashion rules.

And that’s my tips on how to transition from winter to Spring. How does wardrobe transition from season to season? Got any other tips? Let me know down in the comments!

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 How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Spring to Winter

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