What is your own personal path in paganism?

Oh! Oh it’s changing all the time. I started out as a Wiccan, but I can never really pick a single path. I have to explore everything, you know? I joined a druid organization a few years back just to check that out, I worked with people who practice a lot of hoodoo and voodoo – which is the coolest and very interesting – and lately I’m just learning more about some new age topics like yoga and crystal healing and meditation.

What do people misunderstand the most when it comes to witchcraft?

I think people believe that anyone who believes in magick or practices witchcraft has a tenuous grip on reality or that they’re highly irrational people. Of course there are also stereotypes like that they’re evil or practice human sacrifice or whatever, but I think people just misunderstand that witchcraft is just a tool people use to answer questions they have about life. To offer guidance.

It’s no different than doing things scientifically, or getting guidance from a catholic priest: it’s just spookier .

What advice what you give to beginners?

Oh just have an open mind and trust yourself. If something is interesting to you, find a respectful way to learn more about it. Try things. and read books. New witch books coming out are fantastic. FANTASTIC. like my to-read list will take me forever to get through.

How does your paganism affect your fat activism?

It gives me a way to connect to my body that’s very loving, and that really keeps me going. I get very worn down dealing with fatphobia or just some of the issues I mentioned earlier, and magick gives me a way to recharge my batteries and remind me why fat people are worth fighting for

And that is my interview with Paige from The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast. You can find them ontheir website,you can Twitter, FacebookPinterest, and Instagram. You can also subscribe to her podcast with anything you use to catch your podcasts.


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Interview with Paige host of the 'Fat Feminist Witch' podcast. #fatpositivity #bodypostivity #paganism #pagan #witchcraft #fatactivism

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