Flake flowers on top a DIY milk crate shelving unit.

When people talk about being disabled, it’s assumed that you can apply for disability get instant income.  The truth is if you are in the United States getting disability benefits is hard.  So when I became disabled first with Agoraphobia and then later with chronic back pain I didn’t want to have that long drawn out fight over disability benefits.  I wanted to work and to make my own income.

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Gigi Kiersten working on her laptop

So I started working from home, but for me sitting in an office chair at a desk all day is very hard.  My desk doesn’t really have any space for a chair to dock inside. I literally work from my sofa on my laptop.  However, I decided recently that instead of trying to conform to the status quo that I should make a workspace that is comfortable for me.

A milk crate shelving unit full of books and binders.

I started with storage. My biggest issues are that I have too much stuff (I tend to hoard books and knickknacks) and not enough stuff to put in it. So I found some old milk crates that my parents bought a few years and repurpose them as shelves. I was going to mount to the wall, but it actually works better and I can put all of my binders and papers on them in a neat way.  I also added some fake flowers and stacked neatly knickknacks on top of the milk crates.

I decided to use the desk itself as storage. I used the place where my old Dell Desktop used to sit and made it a place where I store my papers and my lap desks.  Also can take a moment to really talk about my lap desk? I bought a few months ago and it’s the best thing that I have bought.

Flake flowers on top a DIY milk crate shelving unit.

It has adjustable height, you left part of the desk up if you want your laptop at an angle. There place where can put your drink on it, although I wouldn’t advise doing that it also makes a great place for your mouse or your drawing pad.  Also the best part? It has a drawer so you can store things in it. You can find it here on eBay.

Now, back to my old desk.  I used the bottom part to store my art supplies because I do a lot of bullet journaling and I have started to really have an interest in drawing.  On the top shelf, I store my books and my DSLR camera.

Gigi Kiersten working on her laptop

Ideally, I want to create a space in front of the desk where I have a sort nest in front of it. With a possible floor pillow, or a floor chair that supports my back to work on and just my lap desk as my actual desk,

In the end, the biggest lesson of redoing my workspace is that your workspace should always work with your mind. It doesn’t work try to find a way to make it work to change it.  Believe me, a good workspace can motivate more than anything else.

Do you work at home? Do you have workspace? What do you change about your workspace? Let me know down in the comments!

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