Happy Yule, everyone! Today is the Winter Solstice, and it’s the darkest day of the year. For me, it’s a semi-religious holiday. I’m pagan and it’s one of the biggest holidays for a lot of pagans. I’m mostly a secular pagan, so I don’t really observe it other than to give a faint nod to it. Yet, despite the Winter Solstice one of the biggest holidays of the year is approaching in four days: Christmas.

I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek behind how my family and I celebrate the Holidays and our Christmas decorations. And when I say ‘We’ I mean my mother Bernise who is the Queen of the Holiday season. She wants things in a particular way and is very irate if isn’t done her way. So it’s been her sole responsibility.

Now, if you think her decorations for Thanksgiving was outrageous, then you have not seen anything yet!

First, let’s talk about the outside Christmas decorations. Usually, my mom will nag my father into decorating the front yard and putting up the lights. This year, my dad hasn’t felt up to it, but did that stop, my mother? Nope, my fifty-something mom put up every outside decoration. She thinks that light up and inflatables (although she didn’t put them up this year). We also have plastic Christmas themed lawn ornaments that light up at night.

The worse thing I ever did was introduce her to youtube. My mother Bernise is always finding strange things. Yet, this year she got an idea from a youtube video that took a tomato stand for your garden and converts them into mini Christmas trees. I was already to poo-poo it but of course, my mother is always right and they turned out great. I just love opening the door and see the bright lights flickering on the front lawn.

Oh, before I forget she loves hanging things on the gutter for decoration be it Christmas decorations or just wind chimes. So we got a lot of big fake ornaments and Santa Clauses and Snowmen hanging in front of a door. This year, we got a snowman that lights up and talks. The thing is creepy and has made many a person in the family jump in fright when coming up to our door. Oh, let me not forget the light up gold Christmas reef.

Inside, it looked for almost a week like Christmas stumbled drunkenly into our living room and vomited over everything. Now, let’s talk about the decorations. She has Christmas nick nacks (my mother is a lover of nicknacks and dolls). Then the stuffed animals lined up on top of the sofas. Then it’s the poinsettia that she got on sale this year, oh, and the animated Christmas decorations that move and sing when you push a button.

Now, there is a story about this. We have this Christmas tree animated toy that if you push it sings ‘Rocking Around The Christmas tree’. My little boy loves those things and will often to everyone’s annoyance push it over and over again.

Finally, is the tree. We bought it a few years ago and yes it’s fake. We tried getting a real tree once or twice, but that thing shed needles and dried out no matter how much we watered it. I can still hear my dad cursing as he put it in a stand. My mother has every limb of the tree colour coded for easy assembly. She puts up the lights (which are musical and goes through a variety of Christmas songs) and then she decorates. This year, my mom finally decided to allow the kids to decorate it.

When it’s five kids something like this is going to be chaos. We had broken ornaments, embarrassing stories about how the ornaments me and my sisters made as kids and dancing to Christmas music blaring over the Bluetooth speakers. I think the kids did an awesome job and to my shock, my mother didn’t wait until everyone was asleep to arrange it.

And that is how the Kiersten family does Christmas. How do you decorate for Christmas? Do you have Christmas or Holiday traditions to share? Let me know down in the comments

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