From the time I was playing Violin, then Cello, and Trombone in middle school then going into Choir into High School music has always been a HUGE part of my life.  Honestly, it feels as if I hadn’t listened to music for a while that I’m going through withdraws. I currently have Ariana Grande playing in my ear right now.  So I thought it was high time that I do something for the cause of fat musicians and start doing some shouts to fat musicians that you should know and totally listen to.

These are the seven fat musicians that are always in my Spotify playlist that I will listen to ALL DAY EVERYDAY. You should totally go out there and support them because of fat representation in all types of media is so important.

Now, I have talked long enough. Let’s get started listing my top favorite fat musicians shall we?

A Photo of Lizzo
Rapper Lizzo

1. Lizzo

From her first break out hit, “Good as Hell” I was hooked. She talked about loving herself, friendship, and just being fierce.  She is actually the most played artist on my Spotify account to this very day. Every song she does is awesome and I love she ignores all the haters and radically does her thing.  My new favorite song is actually a collaboration between her and Missy Elliot called “Tempo” and from the moment I listen to it I knew it was going to be jam forever.

Missy Elliot
Rapper Missy Elliot

2. Missy Elliot

Long before Lizzo came on the scene there was Miss Elliot.  Growing up,  I didn’t realize how radical it was for a fat woman to own her sexuality and to actually talk about having sex.  Fat people often are not seen as sexual people when we are just like everybody else: We are capable of being just as sexual as straight sized folks.  Missy also was a pioneer in rap music creating hits like ‘Work it”, “Ching A Ling”  and probably worked or produced for every major pop and rap star in the industry.

Vocalist Mary Lambert
Vocalist Mary Lambert

3. Mary Lambert

Seatle based Mary Lambert is a vocalist, cellist, and out and proud Queer fat woman who made her debut on Macklemore’s gay marriage anthem ‘Same Love”. Every time I listen to that particular song, I still get chills listening to it and I have cried more than a few times. One of my favorite songs from her album “Heart on My Sleeve” is “Secrets”.  It’s all about embracing all your faults and  instead of trying to be perfect.

Vocalist Adele
Vocalist Adele

4. Adele

Everyone knows Adele.  Her songs are often emotional anthems in and of themselves.  I swear, more than a few breakups have been done to an Adele soundtrack.  I actually saw her video for ‘Chasing Pavements’ and I was hooked. My favorites are “Hometown Glory”,  “Rolling in the Deep”,  “Skyfall”, “Send My Love (To Your New  Lover)”.

Vocalist and Rapper Queen Latifah
Vocalist and Rapper Queen Latifah

5. Queen Latifah

Growing up in the 90’s they were very few fat women in the media. Queen Latifah since she started her rap career in the 80s to this very day has been is a domino. She’s a singer, actress, producer, so many other titles and accomplishments. She was even nominated for an academy award.  She was one of the few successful fat women of color that just shatters barriers wherever she goes and she is my hero.  Oh god, and her music? Where do I begin? “Paper”, “Rough”, “Simply Beautiful”, and don’t get me started on the “Chicago” soundtrack.

NEW ORLEANS, LA - JULY 06: Jill Scott performs with The Roots at the 2018 Essence Music Festival at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on July 6, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Josh Brasted/FilmMagic)
Vocalist Jill Scott

6. Jill Scott

I love Jill Scott.  Her voice is magical and if you haven’t listened to anything that she has done then what have you been doing with your life? She’s a poet, actress, model, and singer-songwriter. Every song she creates is perfection and I stan for her so hard. My favorite songs are “Hate On Me”, “Golden”, and “The Way”.

Brittany Howard Lead Vocalist for The Alabama Shakes
Brittany Howard – Vocalist and Guitarist

7.  Brittany Howard

Head vocalist and guitarist for the “Alabama Shakes” Brittany Howard can sing a song so beautiful it will make you cry.  With a mix of blues and rock,  AS songs are always emotional and lovely.  I was actually put on the AS radar with their hit song “Hold On”. I’m also a HUGE fan of “Don’t Want To Fight”, “Always Alright”, and “Gimme All Your Love”.

And that is my top 7 favorite fat musicians!  Do you have any fat musicians that you think I should check out? Let me know down in the comments!

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Gigi Kiersten lists her all time favorite fat musicians and performers. The list includes: Lizzo, Mary Lambert, Queen Latifah, and Adele. #music #bodypositive #singers #rappers #songs #fatpositive #fatpositivity
Gigi Kiersten lists her all time favorite fat musicians and performers. The list includes: Lizzo, Mary Lambert, Queen Latifah, and Adele.

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2 thoughts on “My Top 7 Favorite Fat Musicians

  1. That was a fun post, my friend! One of my friends recently auditioned for American Idol. She is a brilliant singer, but she never made it through the initial round as she was told she was too fat and did not fit the American Idol image. I was appalled and disgusted and she was simply heart broken. I don’t understand how talent is tied to appearance and I thought we were getting past this nonsense in 2019, but apparently not. Thank you for sharing this round up!


    1. *hugs* I wish I could hug your friend. If this post proves that your weight has nothing to do on your success. I hope she kept at her music and going over for her dreams.

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