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Note: I was gifted with a free item from Village Artisans but all my opinions, of course, are my own.

Happy International Women’s Day and a very happy Women’s month to all of you. I think for a lot of people, that they don’t really take the time to really celebrate and appreciate all the great women and girls in their lives. Most people just let the day pass like every other day.

However, in my opinion, people should take this month (and especially this day) to show the women in their life that you love and appreciate them. In my opinion, Women are the backbone of this world, but they are rarely acknowledged for all the awesome things they accomplish every day.

Yes, we have other  Holidays such as Valentine’s day, or Mother’s day, but not all women are mothers and not all women are romantically attached. And let’s not forget, all the awesome girls who are taking the world by storms such as Emma Gonzalez, Malala Yousafzai, and Esther Okade.

Generation by generation, girls are growing up to be even stronger and outspoken than their predecessors who paved the way for them. So be sure to show the girls in your life some love and do something special for them. We should celebrate all the woman and girl who break through the glass ceiling, who stands tall in front of the systematic oppression by the patriarchy, and who dare to step out of the box society often paints for women.

However, you can’t forget the mothers and caregivers (especially the stay at home mothers), who stay home to raise their children, take care of their disabled or sick family members and who take care of a million different jobs that they will never often get respect for. It’s often just expected of them to do the job no matter what and with little recognition.

On this day, it’s also important to not forget the women who don’t have it as good as we do in first world countries. In a lot of countries, girls are sold into marriage, aren’t allowed to an education, forced to have children, and are forced to work in sweatshops.

We have to always remember to fight for those Women and Girls who don’t have a voice or even a basic avenue to speak out. Silence is compliance, and we with the privilege to speak are obligated to fight on their behalf the women that can’t.

Yes, in the U.S. women still have to deal with a wage gap, rape culture, and our bodies being policied liked it some object and a dozen of their trials and tribulations that come being in a woman in our society. However, we can’t forget our sisters in third world countries who are sold into sex slavery and child marriages.  Women and girls who are forced to live in poverty and have to often work for minuscule amounts of money. Women who don’t have the privilege to be educated or to get behind the wheel and drive.  We can’t forget that a vagina doesn’t make a woman and that we should be fighting for our Trans sisters who are right now literally being murdered in the street simply because of who they are.

At the end of this day, appreciate the women around you, but never forget that as a gender we still have a long way to go until all of us are equal citizens of the world.

You Are Loved Forever

Handmade Paperweight from Village Artisan and Global Purpose

As I said earlier, Women’s day is a special day to appreciate and show the women and girls in your life that they are loved. One of the ways of doing this is giving a heart filled gift. No, I’m not talking about gems or an expensive item.  Those items are appreciated, but I rather prefer something small and handmade.

For example, this gorgeous paperweight that Village Artisan who creates ethically made and sourced items from women in India. The women India who are often used for sweatshops and fast fashion work in great conditions and are actually paid a living wage.

Also, Global Purpose provides education and jobs to not only women in India, but in Haiti, and Uganda as well. So not only can you find gorgeous unique items to give as a gift or to add to your own wardrobe, you can feel good about helping other less unfortunate women all over the world.

I personally love this paperweight, because the engraving is beautifully done. I also love the rose gold finish on the bottom, and can I squee at the lovely packaging.

I get items in the mail all the time (I tend to shop online) but I never get items in such beautiful packaging.
Anyway, this is my very super duper post celebrating this year’s Women’s Day.  What do you think? Do you celebrate Women’s day? Are there any special women or girls that inspirational to you? Let me know down in the comments!

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