Gay rainbow flag at an LGBT gay pride march in London

When you are a consumer of LGBT media such as Will and Grace, The L-Word, Queer as Folk,  there is a big fat elephant standing in the room that no one will talk about: Fatphobia.  You would think that in a community which knows up and close and personal how it feels to harassed and ostracized that they would be welcoming of LGBT people of all different shapes and sizes.

In the decade or so, the discourse over the visibility of LGBT people of color has made encouraging in the overall community.  It put a spotlight on the racism in this community, but no one is still talking about the last frontier of hate which is fatphobia.

Black or White, Right or Left, it is seen that is perfectly okay to treat fat people like shit.  You still see no real discourse on fat people in the LGBT community. I personally found out the hard way when a Queer twitter talked about Tess Holliday being the first fat person on the cover of self.  And a lot of fatphobic replies were people with rainbow flags next to their name.

So when I tweeted about it, to my shock people retweeted and friends of mine came out of the woodwork to tell me their own personal accounts of people harassing them on Instagram for simply posting their photos, This person was non-binary, and was harassed to the point of putting their Instagram on private.

They are a lot of trans folks who internalize their own fatphobia so much that they honestly feel their gender was not valid.  Another example is how the media only shows skinny LGBT people, even now there is no LGBT person in media right now. This is 2018, and there is still no visibility.

In the community,  it is just as worse for men.  The stereotype is a skinny twink or a muscle-bound guy. If you don’t fit in those two categories you often get fatphobia by not able to date, by being dismissed, by even calling your sexuality invalid.

There are many issues with intersectionality in my community, but it seems no one cares enough for fat people to finally discuss it and that needs to change.

Edit: I accidentally published this is a rough draft last Friday.  I have cleaned it up for grammar and spelling errors and added the link up. Sorry about that!

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