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Fat Is Not A Bad Word!

Another oldie but goodie! The link up is still on and you can join this month’s link up at the bottom of this post. Again, I will be back with brand new content on Monday.  I hope everyone will have…

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A Spring Weekend

Hey guys,  welcome back! This outfit I decided to be a little casual and a lot of comfortable. The late Spring and Summer months are always hard on me. I am all about comfort and putting as little effort into…

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Shrill on Hulu Aidy Bryant
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Review: Shrill

When you are a fat person, especially a fat woman or femme you are constantly barged with fatphobia in media. There is never any stop from the onslaught, so when you find a tiny oasis retreat from fatphobia you hold…

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Low-Key Captain Marvel Cosplay

Captain Marvel is the first women-led film for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.   As someone who is pretty much a card-carrying geek and a femme, I was more than happy to actually see this film. Actually, I had been anticipating going…

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My Top 10 Must Have Apps

I got a confession to make: I’m addicted to devices and technology. With technology allows me to overcome the isolation of my disabilities and be apart of the world. I have as the moment of writing this post 4 kindles,…

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St. Patrick's Day themed photo. A leoprucain hat, pot of gold, and a four leaf clover,
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St. Paddy’s Day

I would like to start this post by admitting that I’m not Irish. Actually, I’m Black, German, possibly some creole, and a whole lot other stuff mixed in. However, on St. Patrick’s Day everyone can be a little Irish. In…

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