A sexy valentine's day outfit inspiration. #valentinesday #styleinspo #ootd #valentines #hearts #red

Valentine’s day is here again. It’s not only my parent’s anniversary (their 21st if you are interested), but this is my first year in about a decade that I am not single. One of the best things to happen to me in 2018 is that my best friend and I decided that we were a little more than just friends and decided to become queerplatonic partners.  Unfortunately for me, she lives far away from me but this year I plan to go all out for my partner this year because I’m a sap.

I also spend the holiday as a day to celebrate love in all of its variations. To tell the people around me that I love them and to give them little presents or tokens of my affection.

And although, I’m not going out for Valentine’s day.  I know a lot of my readers are, so instead of lingerie again this year.  I decided to do a cute and sexy plus size Valentine’s day style inspiration that will turn heads and win all the hearts!

A sexy red plus size valentine's day outfit inspiration. #valentinesday #styleinspo #ootd #valentines #hearts #red #plussize #outfit

The Look

Note: There are affiliate links below. This means if you click and buy from any of the items below I will get a small commission. 

First up is this gorgeous red sheer shoulder dress with bell sleeves from TB Dresses.com. I just love the way this dress is cute and the sheer details at the chest really make this dress sexy without showing too much skin. Besides, it’s February and it’s still freaking cold and I don’t want yall to freeze your butts off.

To match is these pale pink crystal-encrusted pumps from FSJ shoes.  Immediately fell in love with these shoes and I know the old red and pink is an old Valentine’s day cliche.  However, I love it so much!  You can pry this cliche out of my cold dead hands!

Then I add this heart-shaped pink and gold clutch from Amazon. Ya’ll thought I was kidding with the cliches?  I just love it so much and it’s both an elegant and fun piece.  Now, let’s talk about jewellery.  This dress is the centrepiece of the entire outfit. So I decided to go a little tone it down a little bit with the jewellery.  I first chose these gorgeous split heart earrings that I found on eBay for $5.  They are so cute and I wish I could wear earrings because I rock them all year long!

Finally, is this gold heart bracelet from Nordstroms.  It really matches the gold accent I have going on through this outfit.  Also, you can never have too many hearts!

And that’s my plus size outfit for a very glamorous Valentine date night!  What do you think? Love or hate it? Let me know down in the comments!

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A sexy valentine's Handsome man and attractive woman looking at box with gift, red roses, balloons while celebrating a St. Valentine's day.day outfit inspiration. #valentinesday #styleinspo #ootd #valentines #hearts #red

A sexy valentine's day outfit inspiration. #valentinesday #styleinspo #ootd #valentines #hearts #red