Hey guys,  welcome back! This outfit I decided to be a little casual and a lot of comfortable. The late Spring and Summer months are always hard on me. I am all about comfort and putting as little effort into getting dressed as possible.  I know that I’m not the only plus size person who feels the same. This is why I decided to put together this post.

This outfit is cute, feminine, and so comfortable that you can wear it at home, to a BBQ, or to just run some errands on a weekend. As always say, you don’t have to dress in sweats all the time to be comfortable. You can be cute AND comfortable and this outfit diffidently proves it.

Now, I have talked long enough. Let’s get started with breaking down this outfit, shall we?

A Spring Casual Plus Size Weekend Inspired Outfit Inspiration. #casual #plussize #ootd #fashion #style #spring #summer
A Spring Casual Plus Size Weekend Inspired Outfit Inspiration.

The Look

Note: They are some affiliate links below. This means if you click and buy from any of the links below I will get a small commission. 

First off, let’s talk about this pink plus size top that I found at KimCurvy. It’s been a minute since I featured them on this blog, but I decided that I was going to feature the affiliates that I haven’t featured in a while.  I love the cut and the color is so pretty.

Next is a simple pair of plus size high waisted light wash jean shorts from Rainbow. You guys know that I love Rainbow, and now that Charlotte Russe has bit the big one it’s now my favorite place to shop.  Over it, since it’s still a bit chilly is a simple sheer white cardigan from Simply Be.

Then, I decided to go super comfortable with the shoes.  These white leather Birkenstocks sandals from Happy Feet are fabulous. I always thought Birkenstocks were only for hippies.  They always looked very unattractive to me even though everyone assured me that they are super comfortable.  Now, I know that Birkenstocks come in different types of styles, colors, and fabrics, and these are super cute and I love how they are made!

Now, let’s talk about accessories.  The thing about this outfit is that you can go as a little or a lot of accessories and it really doesn’t really affect the overall composition of this outfit. It’s all up to you!  Yet, you guys know me? I’m from Texas and we are all about going big or going home.

So, I went big with this gorgeous necklace gold layered necklace from Loft  Outlet.  Speaking of Loft Outlet, I picked these gorgeous gold hoop earrings that are not only lovely but totally affordable.  Then I added a pair of cute pinkish sunglasses from Anne Taylor Factory.  Because if you going to be out on a sunny day,  then a fabulous pair of shades is diffidently a must. Finally, is this simple tan brown leather crossover handbag from once again my new favorite store Loft Outlet.

And that’s my outfit for a comfortable and casual weekend Spring day. What do you think? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know down in the comments!

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