Since January, I have been hearing “we have to get beach ready” and I usually roll my eyes. Your body is beach ready no matter what size you are.  This is why I’m doing a cute plus size swimwear outfit that is perfect for the beach and since Spring Break is happening in a few weeks I think the timing of this post is very on point.

I know all of you are scrambling to find the perfect flattering swimwear and I’m always happy to help. Now, I have yammered on long enough, let’s break down this outfit.

The Look

Note: They are affiliate links below. This means if you click and buy from any the links I will get a small commission. 

Alright, let’s start with this super adorable yellow plus size bikini from my all time favourite store Torrid! Both the top and the bottoms are sold separately but they are totally worth the price. I especially love this colour because if you are a black girl with a lot of melanin in her,  yellow always just makes your skin pop.  I’m also a huge fan of floral anything, so this entire swimsuit is a win-win for me.

Next, is a simple white cover-up from Swimwear For All, I have been meaning to feature them for a while because they are a size exclusive brand that I know you guys will love. The sizes go up to 24x which is a good start but I love for them to go just a tad higher to 4x or even 5x. What I really love about this cover-up is the details on both sides and the cut of it.

Then I decided to add a basic pair of flipflops from Walmart. When it comes to stuff for pool or beachside it’s all about simplicity. I know from personal experience that things often get wet or have sand thrown on them. Simple and durable is key.

Speaking of endurable, fishnet bags is the endurable trend from last season.  I have to say, I was meh about it last season but now I’m all about that fishnet bag life.  So of course, I picked this super cute white fishnet bag from Nordstorms.  Then, I decided to add a cute yellow sun visor from Rainbow. 

I  honestly love a big floppy hat, because I love the sort of retro look which this particular swimsuit is bringing with it’s a fabulous retro silhouette but I decided to mix it with a bright and an awesome yellow sun visor from Rainbow and then these cheap but fabulous tortoise shell sunglasses from Walmart.

And that’s is my outfit that is perfect for the beach. What do you think? Let me know down in the comments! 



5 thoughts on “Beach Ready

  1. Girl I wish I was going to the beach in Galvestion or Corpus Christi, but I love the beach in Corpus. I went many years ago and really enjoyed myself with my cousin. We had on some cute swimsuits and we both are big girls and look great. The beach at night is so awesome, the stars at night wow! loved it! If I get a chance to go I would like to wear a one piece with a sheer jacket or dress.
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    1. I know right? My family and I went to Galveston a few years back and had a great time. I had basically a grandma style bathing suit but I loved it anyway. And yes, I love a good sheer cover up. Thanks so much, Trina for stopping by!

    1. Thanks, Shelbee! I’m so glad that you agree with my line. All bodies are equal and beautiful and deserve to be on the beach (or at the pool)

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