Gigi Kiersten is wearing a plus size beaded shirt, a short sleeved boyfriend button down shirt, turquoise broomstick skirt, cut out white handbag, straw hat, and sparkly nude flats.

I have always loved the Bohemian aka “Boho” style, but I was afraid that as a plus size woman that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.  The pictures of people dressing in this style are always straight sized people ready for a day out at Coachella. However, a few months ago I decided that for my first big photo shoot with a new camera and a new tripod would be a boho photoshoot.

Honestly, I just love how the style really reminds me of the late 60’s hippy style without all the hangups. It’s very earthy and down to earth. I personally lean a little bit towards this style, because I have always loved a flowing broomstick skirt. To be frank, I actually got broomstick skirts in several different colors and styles. Plus size broomstick skirts are my go-to item along with leggings.

I personally don’t like things that are tight around my stomach. It really makes me feel uncomfortable and it’s one of the reasons why you will rarely see me with a belt on or a really tight skirt on. I just love how comfy my broomstick skirts go, and I’m a huge fan of the way material twirls around my leg as  I walk.

The one in the picture is my latest one that I received as an early Easter gift last year.

Actually,  I wore that skirt with the very first plus-size off the shoulder turquoise top that I wore on my first Gigi’s corner. So really this post is going full circle with this outfit.


The Look

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First of all, I decided to mix up with not using the original top that it came with. I actually found this cute and old steel blue sparkly beaded shirt. I couldn’t find the exact shirt, so here is a nice alternative.  Underneath it, to dress it up a bit (and to not freeze to death) I put a simple white button-down shirt underneath it.

Next is the star of this outfit, which is this super cute skirt I mentioned earlier. I love this skirt so much and I love how the material twirls around my legs as I walk.  You can find a similar item here.  Then I added a pair of sparkly nude color flats. I personally can’t wear heels for long, so I always tend to overwear my flats. Here is a similar pair of flats. I think I got them in every color except brown and green. Here is a similar pair of flats that are super cute! 

As for accessories, I choose this cute cutout white purse I bought from Melrose five or so years ago. Here is another alternative here. Then the cherry on the top of the outfit this beat up the straw hat.

And that is my own take on a boho plus size outfit perfect for a casual Friday or a nice weekend look.  What do you guys think? What was your favorite part of this outfit? Let me know down in the comments!


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