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I’m an introvert, and it goes without saying that I’m a homebody. I rather just hang out at home and watch Netflix all day then to go out and be around other p.  However, people just because you are staying home doesn’t mean you have to dress like a slob! So here is a plus size style inspiration post that is comfortable but stylish!

A blue jean vest from Walmart, Printed Leggings from Target, Leo T-shirt from Target, and White Slip-On Shoes from ASOS

The Look

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To start off, we have this awesome Leo sign plus size t-shirt I found at Target.  Now, I’m a Scorpio, but I don’t mind wearing swag from other astrology signs.  I think what attracted to me this shirt was the unique ripped design at the breast.

And since it’s officially pre-Fall transition season, I decided to start off with baby steps with this blue jean vest from Walmart. Now, this is what I would call a wardrobe staple you can use all year long. You can layer it up in the autumn/winter season, and then you just wear it by itself in the spring/summer time.

Next, I choose these lovely patterned  plus size tights from Modcloth. Personally, when I’m at home, I tend to wear two things: (1) Broomstick Skirts (2) Leggings. I have leggings in almost every solid color. Unfortunately, I don’t have them in patterns yet.  So, these leggings are totally on my list. Also, as always versatility is critical. These are the type of leggings you can go work out at the gym in or just run errands.

In this outfit, you will notice I didn’t add any accessories. I tend not to wear accessories at home, because I’m all about minimalism when it comes to my at home wardrobe. However, I did add these super cute and comfy slip-on shoes.

Again, these are the type of shoes you can wear at home (I am always barefoot at home) or you can run errands or pick up the kids. It’s really no fuss or muss.

And this is my outfit of a stylish but comfortable plus size casual outfit. What do you think? Let me know down in the comments!

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You can be fashionable even when all you are doing is staying at home. Check out this plus size style inspiration post that is not only comfy but chic. Items by Target, Modcloth, ASOS, and more!

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