[Evening] An Elegant Plum Velvet Cocktail Dress

You guys, I’m so sorry but I’m going to have to take the rest of the week off because my computer decided to implode on me. So instead have this awesome re-run of a plus size evening outfit inspiration and I will be back on Monday with all new content! 

This elegant dress is perfect for a night on the town. Sexy enough to get plenty of attention, but elegant enough that you can wear this out to a nice dinner without scandalizing any of the patrons. So the first thing I picked is this beautiful Gina Bacconi plus size dress from Navabi.  It’s expensive, and as always I have a nice cheaper alternative for you nice folks. I also have this pretty faux fur coat. When it comes to fur or animal skins, I always go for faux. I’m animal lover, and I personally feel really uncomfortable wearing a dead animal’s skin.

*shrugs* However, if that is your thing then to each it’s own! I really love this coat and it totally reminds me of the coat Chanel Oberlin wore in season 1 of ‘Scream Queens’.  And much like the dress, it’s a bit expensive and not something you can easily afford if you are like me and on the budget. However, I found this beautiful alternative coat from Dress Link.

plus size velvet dress, faux fur jacket, sequin clutch, pearls, and metallic pumps.


As for the color palette, I decided to try a neutral color that wasn’t the normal black, taupe, navy blue, gray, and brown. So I tried this beautiful light mauve color which go perfectly with the plum dress.  Along with choosing the color palette, and I have try to experiment with texture.  Not only do I have faux fur, I have velvet, metallic, and sequins which the textures is all very luxurious and just plain lush .

Speaking of velvet, I love the structure of the dress. The scrunched up look at the middle is perfect to disguise a tummy. And of course, velvet had been a trend all season so it’s both stylish and trendy. What do you guys think? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know down in the comments!

Gina Bacconi plus size purple dress
$345 – navabi.co.uk

Pinko faux fur coat
$595 – harrods.com

ALDO leather shoes

Beaded jewelry

Choker necklace

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