Two best friends at coachella

It’s the festival season. It’s all about Coachella (which I hope that you are not going to), Lollapalooza, and Bonnaroo.  I’m not huge into crowds, my agoraphobia makes that pretty much impossible for me to tolerate them. However, if you are a music fan and want to go to these music festivals one of the biggest hopes you have jump through is finding what you are going to wear for that perfect Instagram picture.  Again, I am a fat helper and I love giving fashion advice. So here is my ootd for a day at a music festival that will not only be comfortable for all the walking going to do but super cute as well.

A plus size coachella inspired outfit inspirtion. Featuring items from SHEIN, Torrid, Payless, and more! #outfit #ootd #coachella #musicfestival

The Look

Note: There are affiliate links below. This means if you click and buy from any of those links I will get a small commission. 

First off is this lovely mustard colored plus size tank crop top from SHEIN. I loved it immediately and I’m all about caring about the dark floral trend into spring.  Also, if you are a person of color,  mustard in particular just makes melanin pop no matter if you are light-skinned or dark-skinned.  To match with the crop top, I paired it with these frayed high-waisted plus size jean shorts from Torrid. The reason I love a good frayed jean for a festival is that it gives a nod to the alternative trend that so popular in the ’90s. Speaking of 90’s feels are these super cute black combat boots from Payless.

Over it, because by the time the music festivals starting happening we should out of this polar freeze that has taken up the most of the United States, so you might want something over your shoulders.  And of course, I’m going to always recommend a kimono, I have two of them, and they saved this Winter.  However, I love this sheer black one with the floral embroidery on the bottom.

As always. my favorite is the accessories. And I really amp up the boho/hippy feel that is so prominent with these music festivals (Woodstock anyone)? First up is this gorgeous simple pearl drop necklace from 7charmingsisters. Which I haven’t featured of their items for a while, because I dazzled by Stella and Dot. And shame on me, because they have awesome jewelry.  Speaking of awesome jewelry, I also added these gorgeous wooden drop earrings that give me mad tribal feels. I just the texture of the dangling parts!

Then finally, what is a festival outfit without a big oversized hat? I love hats, you guys know I love hats.  So, here is this floppy very expensive hat that is adorable.  Also, I will be reusing that hat and wearing it for everything!

And that is my music festival inspired plus size outfit! What do you think? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know down in the comments!

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A coachella inspired outfit inspirtion. Featuring items from SHEIN, Torrid, Payless, and more! #outfit #ootd #coachella #musicfestival