In my opinion, the best thing about Spring is the flowers. I love flowers and this is one of the reasons why I am launching a business that sells florals themed printable planners called Miss Bonny Blossom (stay tuned for more information on that).  The thing about flowers or florals is that they are so versatile, the patterns can go from stationary to wall decor to even fashion.

I was so inspired by them that I wanted to create a pretty and feminine Spring outfit that is perfect to go out to  a nice garden party or to church.  Now, I have talked long enough! Let’s get started breaking down this outfit, shall we?

A plus size spring floral outfit inspiration. A garden party inspired outfit inspiration. #florals #flowers #plussize #spring #ootd

The Look

Note: They are affiliate links below. This means if you click and buy from any of the links I will get a small commission.

Let’s start off with this gorgeous plus size spaghetti strapped white floral dress from Rosegal. It’s been a while since I featured anything from them, but they always have such visually interesting pieces! The thing about this dress that I love is that you can easily mix and match colors. There is no stop to the color combination you can use.

And speaking of color combinations, I really wanted to mix it up  traditionally feminine colors.  Next, is this is pink cropped bolero cardigan that I found on Amazon. This is especially will come in handy if you are going to church and it’s inappropriate to show too much skin.  Then I chose these fabulous red block strappy heels from Charlotte Rusee. People often think of Charlotte Russe is simply as clothing store, but what they don’t know that it also stocks a pretty great selection of affordable women’s shoes.

Now on to the accessories. I chose this cute purple beaded clutch from TheRealReal which is becoming one of my favorite new stores. Then finally, I choose a simple purple crystal necklace from 7CharmingSisters.  I love the purple and it really mixes well with the purple of the clutch and in the dress.

And that’s my plus size floral  outfit inspiration. What do you think? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know down in the comments!

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