Gigi Kiersten is a wearing a plus size Easter retro style floral dress, blue cardigan, and black Payless wedges.

Easter came super early this year, for the first time in a very long time Easter and April Fool’s Day was the same day. However, even though Easter is now long gone. It doesn’t mean that you can’t hold on to all the fresh Easter feelings full of the best thing about Spring.

When I originally came up with this idea for a post, I thought of what would I wear if I actually went to Church and did some actual outside-my-home Easter festivities. As I said before in my earlier post, I am more spiritual than religious these days. I voluntarily haven’t stepped into a church since I was 13 years old. Now, my parents are Christian, not devout or evangelical or anything, but more mainstream Christian. So, when I go to church, especially if I was forced to Easter Sunday this dress would be something I would totally wear.

Also, despite my coming from three huge families (my mothers, my fathers, and my stepdad), my family of eight tends to stay to themselves. This is my mostly my extended family is the poor black version of Dynasty. All of the drama and none of the money or prestige. So our family tends don’t seem to interact with my extended family at all and our family holidays tend to small and low-key.

This Easter was no different, I got the kids off to Church early, and as always they were late. Word to the wise, dressing five kids and getting out to an event is always a production. THen they came home, got dressed in something more casual and I hide the eggs. *laughs*

The easter egg hunt was super short because the older kids found the eggs immediately and the little kids were quite upset about it. The older kids, of course, have to give up some of their eggs. Then they came inside, open up the baskets that my mother makes handmaid every year and we had dinner.

See what I’m saying? The whole affair was low-key. However, if I was more outgoing and I actually do something I would be wearing this dress. Now, I have yammered on long enough, let’s get to the nitty.

The Look

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First off is this dress, my mom and I bought this dress on eBay from a Chinese manufacturer. We made the mistake thinking if we bought this dress a size or two up from our normal size that it would fit. I was totally wrong! Both my and my mother’s dress was way too small. However, you guys know from my earlier posts that I’m super stubborn. I don’t believe in giving away a dress I waited a month for this dress to arrive from China and was bound and determined to wear it.

So I pinned the back and put on a cardigan. As for the cardigan, it’s a royal blue cardigan brought from Target, but Target no longer available. So here is a low priced alternative from Blair’s.  Then next, is my brand new super comfortable low heeled wedges from Payless, because you guys know that I love me some Payless. These wedges are walking shoes because you walk in them for hours before you finally feel it. Perfect for a hypothetical Easter day out.

Now, let’s talk about my favorite part of any outfit: The Accessories. I went minimal and simple. First is this white quilted tote bag that I don’t even remember where I got from. It’s one of my favorite purses though. I just love the gold accents on the front and back of it. Also, the quilted effect on the bag gives the outfit a bit texture. I can’t remember where I got it from, but I got you a nice alternative here.

Then finally, the jewelry. I went with gold accents to match the dress. So, I have once again this gold cuffed and rhinestone bracelet and since the cute of the dress really didn’t call for a necklace, I just went without one. And that is my outfit for Easter. What do you think> Let me know down in the comments!

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