Gigi Kiersten is wearing a plus size blue stripped and flamingo print retro style dress, rose gold ballerina bow flats, and a vintage blue patent leather handbag.

The people who really know me, know that I’m a pretty much a straightforward person. My outfit of choice ninety percent of the time is just a t-shirt and some comfy leggings. However, like many women who stay at home, I actually look forward to those days that I get to dress up.

So when I finally dived in the retro side of the fashion pool, I knew I wanted some pretty printed retro dresses. This time I blame Shelbee from “Shelbee on The Edge”. This dress is from Zaful (one of Shelbee’s favorite brands).  When I bought it a size up, but unfortunately, the back still doesn’t zip up all the way in the back.

However, I was determined to wear it! I am one stubborn woman and I just don’t throw in the towel. Especially,  when it comes new items that I have waited weeks to finally get. So, I just safety pinned the back and pretended that it was backless! I have zero shame ya’ll.

This dress reminds me of garden parties of old. Of fancy flared dresses and large brim hats. It reminds me of eating cucumber sandwiches and tea on the patio of a beautiful garden somewhere. I just love to whirl in it and see the skirt swirl it in the air. I personally always wanted to go to an old-fashioned garden party and just pretend to be one of the glamorous people for a moment or two.

I adore the romance of it all, it’s one of the reasons why I am such a fan of fashions from the 1940 to early 1960’s. Back then, there was a type of romanticism when it came to how designers created their clothing. Clothing especially in the 1950s and early 60’s told of cheerful times full of color and femininity that yeah looking in hindsight was a bit of a lie. However, it was romantic non-the-less.

This dress reminds to be cheerful and that it’s okay to embrace my femininity, and colors as the world blooms into spring.

The Look

This look is just the best of Spring, all Short-sleeves, and print floral prints. Now, to be honest, the flamingo in the print lends itself to more Summer, but I’m willing to ignore that for this gorgeous plus size dress. I bought this dress at Zaful, and I honestly wished I bought two sizes up. It’s a little tight, but I love it all the same.  Unfortunately, it’s sold out so here is a very similar sleeveless dress.

To match my overall theme of spring femininity, I decided to take out my pair of pink bowed ballerina flats. Well, I say flats but the flats have a 1-inch heel. Now, these shoes were totally thrifted and the brand is defunct. However, you will love these pair here that resembles my shoes in these photos.

Next was my patent leather baby blue vintage handbag, here is a similar handbag. Well, thinking back on the shoot now, I realize that I should have gone with a different purse. Note to everyone: Do not wear patent leather in warm weather because patent leather retains heat. My purse felt more like a hot iron after being the sun for a few hours.

And finally, is the accessories. The necklace is a real pearl antique necklace that my mom generously allowed me to borrow. I was super careful with this necklace and honestly, I was afraid I was one step from breaking it! Finally is my pink and gold link bracelet. This was super cute and really matched the pink the dress.

And this is my complete plus size retro 1950’s style plus size flamingo print dress. What do you guys think? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know down in the comments!

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