When I originally wrote this post, I was flushed over my victory of conquering one my fashion fears. Now, a few weeks later I’m a little more settled. As someone with a skin disorder, it is really hard to feel comfortable showing any of my skin. You guys have probably noticed how I dress pretty conservatively for the most part. This is because I was diagnosed with a skin disorder in my early twenties in which I have spots all over my body. No, I don’t have leopardsy (thank goodness)!


Just after I was diagnosed, I was wearing a halter top dress. It was really skimpy and I remember wearing it in defiance of my very old-fashioned father. This little old lady came up to me on the bus stop as we were all getting on the bus and told me that a spot of vanishing cream will clear up my spots.  I know the little old lady wasn’t trying to be mean, but I was so mortified that I have stayed clear of very revealing stuff when I’m out in public ever since.

So no surprise to anyone that has made me really body shy.  However, I decided to jump in and try Dia&Co’s Try-day Friday (it was Friday on the day I took the pictures) that challenges every woman to wear something out of their comfort zone.  And since, I believe in learning to love your body (spots and all) I thought it would be a great way to get into the spirit of body positivity,


I knew immediately I would this white and gold dress. It has been sitting in the back of my closet for years untouched and unloved. When I first bought it I fell in love with it, but then later when I got home I was really uncomfortable showing that much skin. Then add to the fact, that I really had no place to wear the dress out to because I don’t like nightclubs and my idea of a nice dinner is a Chinese Buffett.

So this pretty dress hung in the back of closet year after year, so much that the tag in the back had become completely unintelligible. I put it on with my gold necklace and wrist cuff that I borrowed from my mother’s massive jewelry collection, slipped on some gold flats, and for a moment I felt like a Greek Goddess or like I was Wonder Woman.

white and gold plus size dress

It didn’t matter that I had spots, I just felt beautiful and powerful and it was well worth all the anxiety that I felt put on the outfit. I urge everyone to challenge themselves to wear step out of their own personal comfort zone and try something they wouldn’t normally wear.  *shrugs*  You might even find you like it!  What is your fashion fear? Let me know down in the comments!

*I was not financially compensated in any way by Dia&Co for this post.  All opinions are my own.  

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I can’t quite remember where I bought my dress. So I decided to give you some nice alternatives.