[Gigi’s Corner] A Touch of Marilyn + Linkup

Gigi Kiersten A Touch of Marilyn

Gigi Kiersten A Touch of Marilyn

Happy Friday, peeps! I hope you had a good week so far. I also hope you guys had a wonderful week back to work as well. This whole photoshoot that you see here has a long tale attached to it. You see, I decided to woman up and finally take photos outside of my house and street. At first, I was going to try to take my photos downtown, because that seems to be the popular thing for fashion bloggers.

However, if you have five children and a busy household to manage to find time to take the long trip to Downtown San Antonio on the bus (I don’t drive) and then take photos is not something I can do very often. After the trip to Downtown was delayed, me being the resourceful fashion blogger that I am decided to start looking for potential photoshoot backgrounds in my own neighborhood.

I was determined to not go home until I took these pictures. With these pictures, I decided to further jazz them up by using some nice free photoshop actions I found on Deviantart.

As for this outfit, I wanted to put on something that you can wear out to have a couple drinks with your friends. I would also suggest wearing this outfit for a date night as well. So, I wore my Marilyn Monroe t-shirt that I got years ago but just found after I cleaned out my closet. It’s not shown in these pictures but the back is cut out. It is very sexy, but since it’s winter and it’s finally gotten cold down here I decided to put a black sequin cardigan over it.

This cardigan was part of a skirt suit set, but I decided to use the top as a cardigan. A lot of people will tell you that you can’t wear sequins in the daytime, but that is not true at all! When you wear sequins in the daytime, you have to dress rest of the outfit down. So I decided to I paired this sequin cardigan with a sparkly t-shirt and my brand new bootcut jeans that I bought Walmart.

I’m so happy that they actually fit and not a pair of high waters. I’m 5’ll, so it goes without saying that pants and jeans are a huge hassle for me. They are never long enough, and I end up looking like erkel. There is a reason why I wear nothing but tights and skirts.

Next, I chose these western style knee-length black boots that I bought very early on in this season. However, much like my brown suede boots, they were not meant for fat girls with wide calfs. So I decided to adjust them and cut up to my calf.

And finally, I added my huge very beddazled betty boop handbag. It’s what’s my mother likes to call my “anything but the kitchen sink” bags. Which, she shouldn’t talk because she was the one who bought me the damn bag for Christmas a few years back.

With that, that is my complete dressy casual plus outfit that is perfect for a date night or a night out with the squad. What do you think? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know down in the comments!


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11 thoughts on “[Gigi’s Corner] A Touch of Marilyn + Linkup

    1. Thanks, Cheryl! It’s one of my favorite t-shirts and I’m so glad that rediscovered it. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  1. I’m loving this look and I would totally wear it. I adore Marilyn and have a Black sweater with her photo on it. I like that you wore the tshirt with some nice jeans and paired with boots. It’s a cute casual look you can take on a date also. I’m loving the poses girl lol! I need to check that site so the next time I do a shoot I can find some good poses 🙂 Thanks for sharing Gigi and keep warm girly. 🙂

    1. You should totally wear that sweater for one of your OOTD posts, Trina! Lately, I have learned to be more resourceful when I’m taking my photos. I’m always looking for potential backgrounds in my yard, on my street, and in my nearby neighborhood. Somewhere, I can walk in a hurry to and take my photos and then head back in a hurry in case the kids need something. And you keep warm too, Trina!

      1. I’ll have to dig in the ole closet and find something to go with it lol! I said I wasn’t going to post into later in 2018, but I just may go ahead and post until I move blogging platforms. I’ll still need your help when I do this in Feb. And thanks boo, I’m trying to lol! 🙂

  2. Good for you for finding photo spots that work for you and your life, and not just the same ol’ as everyone else!

    And ha ha, Mamas always got something to say, don’t they? My mother’s favorite line to me was, “you look like you’re going to a tacky party.” THANKS, MOM.

    I should have a Tacky Party in her honor ?

    Happy New Year


    1. Oh my god, you should totally have a Tacky Party Bettye! It sounds like such a creative and fun idea for a party. And yes, I think actually forgot to mention that I was kicked off the first location and I had to take those photos on the sidewalk. LOL! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, hon!

    1. Hey Daniesha, thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad you like that hair, my mother was like no you needed to spray it down. However, I love how it came out in the photos. And I love Marilyn Monore movie is “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” I’m also on the look for an Audrey Hepburn t-shirt as well!

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