Down here in the south, spring has diffidently sprung. The temperature has warmed up (it was a steaming 9 1 degrees last Saturday) and the flowers are blooming all over the place. I will admit I had nothing to do with that. At my house, my mom has the green thumb in the family.

My mom loves nothing more but to plant something in our front and back lawn. Hell, as you will see later in the photos our front porch is a veritable container garden. Green things, and flowers in pots. Honeysuckle and jasmine blossoming on our garden gates.

My mom inherited this ability for green things from my grandmother, Mary. Grandma loved to garden, and one of my favorite memories of her is driving up to the old green and white house and seeing her bent over in her garden.  Grandma’s face was full of determination and contentment as she tended to her flowers.

The garden is still there, but it’s not as beautiful or as bright since my grandmother passed on three years ago. However, Spring and flowers will always remind me of her. So when I wear florals, or when I just look at my own mother’s garden where her Ivy plant is flourishing in our front lawn reminds me that life goes on in an endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

My grandmother may be gone, but her legacy lives on in my mother, my mother’s 8 living siblings, and her gaggle of great-grandchildren and the ivy plant living on our front lawn.

The Look

First off all is this gorgeous off the shoulder floral plus size bell sleeved dress. It’s actually a thrift store find, and unfortunately, the brand is been long defunct. It was a hand me down from my mother. She bought at the local thrift store and thought it was a tunic of all things. It was supposed to be 1X and turned out more like a 3x which was right up my alley! I put it on and realized to my delight that I could wear it as a dress!

The dress itself is very pretty and gives me some definite boho feels like the outfit in last week’s post. It’s bell sleeved, which is totally in right now. Exaggerated sleeves and basically anything 80’s is back in style and last month’s Autumn NYFW was anything to go by is still here to stay.

Next, I put on some simple burgundy flats that I also got from the thrift store a few months ago. They are super cute and I love the texture of these flats, but here is a cute alternative.

Finally, I added some accessories. This beautiful pearl and gold necklace and cuff bracelet that I borrowed from my mother’s costume jewelry collection.

And this is my first floral outfit for the season (but certainly not my last). What do you think? Let me know down in the comments!

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  1. You look so pretty! I love the color of the dress and it fits you perfectly. Yes floral is so in right now. I love the cute Red flats you added also.

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