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Trigger Warnings: For Weight Loss and Diet Culture. 

I know that January was full of people trying to lose those Holiday pounds, but I hate how the diet and fitness mass industrial complex guilt people into losing weight.  I refuse to fall into that trap.  I believe in living a more healthy lifestyle, but the diet and fitness industry is pushing the lie that long-term weight loss is actually a thing on a restrictive diet.

Of course, I am completely pro-choice when it comes to how women choose to their control bodies. I believe a woman should do what they want to do to get on to a path of self-love. For some women like my own mother that is weight loss, but for some women like me, it’s simply accepting and loving your body as it is.

However, it’s a fallacy that just because you accept your body as it is that you completely deny such things as exercise and eating healthier.  Again, there are plenty of fat vegans and vegetarians out there.  There are plenty of fat women who exercise for health rather than weight loss (and yes those are two very different things).

I am unfortunately not one of them.  Do to my own long fight with depression and anxiety, I have slipped into eating junk food to cope and my life is way too busy to exercise.  And also like a lot of fat women, I am afraid of being fat-shamed or heckled at the gym.  I honestly rather just exercise by myself, but if you do that you have zero support. I don’t know about you, but changing into a more healthier lifestyle on your own is way harder if you don’t have the support system around you.

Also, I have five children, two blogs, and my art to deal and my life is way too busy to try to shove fitness into my day by getting up at 5 am (when I already not sleeping well) is really hard.  However, I’m going to make the commitment to get more healthy, eat healthier, and to get up and get moving.

My exercise of choices in the path have been walking,  yoga, and tai-chi. So, I might do a later update on my progress (and my own personal workout clothes) soon.


a plus size exercise outfit including coral pink sports bra, blue zip jogger jacket, blue and pink leggings, tenis shoes, green fitbit, and pink and blue gym bag.

The Look

Note: There are affiliate links below. This means if you click and buy on any of the links below I will get a small commission. 

To get motivated, one of the things you should look into is getting some fat fitness gear!  Like the old saying goes, “You got to dress for success”.  First up, I choose this plus size coral pink racerback sports bra from Walmart.   To match, I found this gorgeous plus size coral and blue tropical print leggings. I love the print,  it’s super cute and feminine without it being too impractical for the gym.

With this outfit,  I went a tad bit matchy-matchy with the color palette of blue, coral pink, and mint green.  However, instead of going with a direct color match, I went with adjacent color shades. Such as this royal blue fleece zip-up jacket from Blankstyle.com. If you are starting a fitness regimen right now, a jacket is a must because it’s still freezing in parts of the world.  Next,  I choose this pair (and super affordable)Champion athletic shoes from Payless. You guys know that I just adore Payless and  I always shop there.  Actually, these shoes are on my shopping list and I actually plan on getting me a pair (they have it in my size 11).

Finally, are the accessories! First of all, I decided to add this very cute Fitbit. It’s in mint green and it’s not that expensive on eBay.  Then, I chose this super adorable gym bag that I found on Etsy! It’s completely customizable and you can have your name embroidered on it.

And that is my suggestion for very cute and affordable plus size activewear outfit.  Do you exercise? If so, what type of exercises do you do?  Let me know down in the comments!

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a plus size exercise outfit including coral pink sports bra, blue zip jogger jacket, blue and pink leggings, tenis shoes, green fitbit, and pink and blue gym bag.