Low-Key Captain Marvel Cosplay

Captain Marvel is the first women-led film for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.   As someone who is pretty much a card-carrying geek and a femme, I was more than happy to actually see this film. Actually, I had been anticipating going to see this film even more than Avengers: End Game which is coming out next month.  I know I wasn’t the only femme or woman that had been gobbling up every spoiler, every trailer, and oh my god the movie totally delivered!  I’m not going to give away spoilers,  but it was pretty fantastic.

With girl power in mind, I wanted to do some low-key cosplay.  For people like me, who want to obtain the same look of their superhero fave without all the trouble of getting a costume together.  This is why it’s a low-key cosplay, you can walk outside without getting too many weird looks but still feel a little more empowered and badass as you go throughout your day.

A plus size Captain Marvel inspired low key cosplay. Featuring items by Torrid, SHEIN, Zappos, and more! #cosplay #plussize #fashion #style #ootd #captainmarvel
A plus size Captain Marvel inspired low key cosplay. Featuring items by Torrid, SHEIN, Zappos, and more!

The Look

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First of all, this look is heavily inspired by Carol Danvers’s grunge look in the movie.  I changed a few things here or a there but most of it emulates Carol’s look and makes it accessible for us larger folks.  Now, that I got that out of the way we are going to first start off with this badass brown leather Captain Marvel pilot’s jacket.  It’s official Marvel mech of course, and Torrid of course came through for us!

Next to go with is this Nine Inch Nails white plus size t-shirt that has the Star Force logo incorporated into it.  In the movie, Carol wore the original NIN logo, but I just love this take on it.  Then I chose a simple pair of distressed plus size skinny jeans from SHEIN.  They are not exactly the same pair Carol wore, but honestly, with this outfit, you can wear any type of distressed jeans and it will still have the same look.

Of course, what is a 90’s grunge look without a pair of black doc martens? My favorite nineties character Daria wore them all the time and they are indeed a pair of kick-ass boots that are cool whenever it’s the 90’s or 2019. My new affiliate Zappos was the perfect place to pick from.

Speaking of grunge, let’s talk flannel.  I found a similar looking plus size green flannel shirt at Forever 21 that is perfect to tie around your waist.  Really adds a nice touch to this low-key cosplay.  And the final touch, of course, is the gray SHEILD ball cap that I found on eBay.  I love that retailers did not come to play when it came to Captain Merch! It was so easy to find all the finishing touches to pull this outfit together!

And this is my low-key plus size cosplay for Captain Marvel! What do you think? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know down in the comments!

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    1. Thank you! You should totally go see it. If you are a Marvel fan, diffidently watch it before Avengers: End Game comes out. The jacket is totally one of my favorite part of this outfit.

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