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As much as I love Fashion Blogging, what I love the more is the community. The community of fashion bloggers is made up of every color, sex, age, nationality, and body shape. And I have made a group of really diverse friends from this community. One of those people is Daniesha from ‘Offically Chic’. Daniesha is a smart, savvy, payroll executive by day and a fabulous fashion blogger by night.

I love almost every outfit she wears. Everything, Daniesha wears is just as flawless down to her shoes. The thing about Daniesha’s style though is that almost all of wardrobe is affordable for people on a tight budget. So when I tried to think about who’s style I will be remixing this time, my mind instantly went to Daniesha.

With this remix, I decided to change a few things. First, the skirt of the dress is not a simple straight cut like style skirt like Daniesha’s dress. I also chose a dress that is a bit more expensive, but the one that I originally wanted from ASOS was out of stock. So,  I had to choose this dark hunter green dress from Uniquely Vintage. I also decided to bypass the over the knee boots, and instead, I went for a simple pair of black suede high heel pumps. The reason I chose the pumps instead of the boots, was because I didn’t want to make break up the streamlined silhouette of this outfit.

Remix of My Very Festive Luxe Velvet Dress - Daniesha - Officially Chic

Now, again don’t get me wrong I’m in love with the dress both the one Daniesha is wearing (it’s from H&M) and the one I found from Uniquely Vintage. I personally, a huge fan of the sort of retro touch on the modern velvet trend that is everywhere in the fashion blogosphere right now. This dress really gives me a pin-up model feel, which I freaking adore (my favorite fashion eras are 40’s 50’s, and early 60’s). I especially love the cut of the dress at the bust, and again the silhouette.

Next, is the belt. Now, I love how Daniesha jazzed up this otherwise plain velvet dress with a gold leaf belt. I wholeheartedly agree with her fashion choice. It really does It really adds a dash of elegance to this outfit. I decided to choose this beautiful gold leaf belt that I found on Etsy.

Then finally, I added a simple velvet clutch that is from Ashley Stewart. It’s only $13 and it’s a freaking steal! Another thing about this clutch is that is another simple but subtle play of the velvet trend. Pro tip: If you don’t really want to invest in big items to participate in a trend, try buying a low priced accessory instead.


And this is my remix of Daniesha’s outfit from her fabulous blog ‘Officially Chic”. Make sure to check her outFacebookk and Instagram as well.

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    1. I’m so glad that you like my remix! It especially means a lot to me coming from you! And yes, that belt is fab. It’s from a user on Etsy.

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