We are truly in the thick of the Holiday season now. Time just goes so fast and I can’t believe that we are only weeks away from Christmas. Yet, if you are in the United States or Canada the next big Holiday is Thanksgiving.

This means cooking a huge turkey day feast and hanging out with family and friends. Yet, for me I know the question is always on my mind: What to wear? Well, to make this choice a little bit easier I have come with a Thanksgiving Day Plus Size Outfit Inspo that is sure to make you look your best this year.

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The Look

Note: They are affiliate links below. This means if you click and buy from any of the items below I will get a small commission. 

Let’s start off with this gorgeous mustard coloured sweater from Loft. You guys know that exaggerated sleeves and basically anything related to the 80’s are an enduring trend in the Autumn or Fall season. I really love the cuts outs on the sleeves and just the overall cut of this sweater.

Next is just a simple pair of chocolate brown tights from Walmart. When I was thinking of a color palette for this outfit, I wanted something super Autumn inspired. So instead of being matchy-matchy, I decided to take my inspiration from Autumn leaves

Now, you guys know I adore Rainbow! I have personally brought more than a few items from them, but did you know they carry boots? I sure in the hell didn’t and these fantastic over the knee boots immediately made me swoon. Now, I don’t think these are wide width, so if you have fat calves like I do this give it a pass. However, I did find these simple black boots as an alternative.

Over everything is a coat, Autumn weather has truly come and you are going to need a good but chic winter coat. Thank god, for Torrid! They always come through with fabulous size exclusive merchandise. Now, this brown peacoat are the things my fashion dreams are made of. I have been longing for a while to buy a peacoat but I never could afford it. With this coat? I made actually buy it.

Speaking of brands I adore, let’s give a round of applause for this orange studded handbag by Daesin. If you want a cute but affordable handbag then I suggest you go with Daesin for your handbag needs. As for this handbag, the details really make it the entire bag. I especially love the vehicle studs and the shape of the bag.

Now for the real accessories of this oufit. First of all, I love changing things up with accessories. The right accessory can dress up an outfit or dress it down. This is outfit is prime example of it.

First off is this tortoise pendant from Stella and Dot. I just the flecks o brown and the overall oval design of the chain links. It’s just such a pretty piece and instantly adds a bit of class to the outfit. Speaking of class, I’m all about these feathered pegasus earrings! They are gorgeous and you can wear to them to work or to go out and they are still are effortless beautiful no matter the situation.

Finally, because I wanted to really add a dash of a trend is a plaid mustard colored scarf from old navy. Now, it’s a man’s scarf, but honestly, when it comes to scarves the gendered lines are ridiculous. Also, this is a nice tie to the mustard colored sweater as well.

And this is my Thanksgiving inspired Plus Size Oufit Inspiration! What do you think? Love it or hate it? Let me know down in the comments!

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A Plus Size Thanksgiving Oufit Inspiration An Autumn Plus Size Casual Style Inspiration A Fall Plus Size Casual Style Inspiration #plussize #thanksgiving #outfit #ootd #look #styleinspo #fashion #style


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4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Chic

  1. Such a great Thanksgiving outfit, Gigi! And thank God for Torrid is right! You know I work at Torrid, right? So many gorgeous pieces and always some kind of sale going on! Get the Torrid Insider Rewards card too so you earn points and extra dollars! And watch for the clearance when it goes to Buy One, Get One Free…and sometimes if your store has too much clearance back stocked, they will do Buy One, Get Two Free on clearance!


    1. Thanks, Shelbee! Oh, I didn’t know that you worked for Torrid. I actually envy you for that employee discount. I would go broke for sure!

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