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African woman in a bright dress on orange background
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Getting Back To My Roots

As a black person in America, we as people we are constantly trying to reclaim the African culture that was stripped away from us by slavery.  You will see examples of that with ‘Black Panther’, which I did a post…

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A 90’s Throwback

What’s old is new again!  When it comes to fashion we don’t necessarily just use trends from the past and then once they go out of fashion never use them again. They are always on the comeback somehow. In the…

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A sexy valentine's day outfit inspiration. #valentinesday #styleinspo #ootd #valentines #hearts #red
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A Heartfelt Holiday

Valentine’s day is here again. It’s not only my parent’s anniversary (their 21st if you are interested), but this is my first year in about a decade that I am not single. One of the best things to happen to…

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Wakanda Forever!

[Spoilers Below for Black Panther! ] For years, people have been demanding for media to become more racially diverse. For me, as a second generation geek and someone who has grown up on superhero I have long been a fan…

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