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Kileen from peitite fashion blog 'Cute and Little' wearing a off-shoulder striped dress.
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Remix: Kileen from Cute and Little

This month’s Remix is all about Kileen, a Dallas based Software Developer by day and fashion blogger by night. I have five kids myself, but Kileen always seems like she has a boundless well of energy even with all of…

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A plus size little black dress inspired outfit inspiration
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The Little Black Dress

Welcome back to some fresh new content! I have been gone for a while, but that’s because I had a bought of depression that would not let me go. And I figured my readers would appreciate good content instead of…

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Casual, Outfits

Low-Key Captain Marvel Cosplay

Captain Marvel is the first women-led film for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.   As someone who is pretty much a card-carrying geek and a femme, I was more than happy to actually see this film. Actually, I had been anticipating going…

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