Ssense killed Polyvore

If you have followed me since my “Dress Them Up” chapter of this blog, you will know that I use Polyvore a lot. It went from almost exclusively to about now %25 of the time. I use it because it’s an easy way to put together my outfit inspiration posts. I love Polyvore and I’m on it all the time. Unfortunately, SSense( a luxury marketplace site) bought out Polyvore and today in the middle of the night they shut it down with little warning. I was not a happy camper to wake up and see my fellow Polyvore user and friend Trina Morgan from Tipsy Heelz tweet about it.

Ssense is back peddling because people can opt out having their data being included, which of course Ssense bought the site for was probably for the data. They can also sure hell didn’t buy it for the community. Polyvore users have the option of downloading their sets, which I have personally done.

I’m really upset about Polyvore being shut down, but it also continued to teach me a lesson when it comes to the business of blogging. One that Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube have taught me over this past year: Never completely depend on a third-party site. So, I will be doing what I should of have done from the beginning and making my own photo collage/sets in photoshop.

I will be using Affilate Links of course, but I urge you to use them. I am a small blogger and I need the support to keep this blog running. You can also donate if you don’t like affilate links. As for the older Polyvore posts, I will be slowly and gradually updating the now defunct links over time.

I’m so sorry for the inconvience, and I hope you contintue to stick with me as my blog contintues to evolve.